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Why You Need an Oracle Reports Strategy [WEBINAR]

Live Feb. 28 at 11 am EST. JasperReports is a strong reporting contender. As part of our Oracle Reports Series, we’ve investigated the best options for migrating end-of-life Oracle Reports applications. This webinar will showcase why JasperReports in particular is a popular migration option.

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Migration to Oracle BI Publisher: Why and How?

Migration from Oracle Reports to a new reporting technology may take several years. Many IT decision-makers are looking to form their migration plan as soon as possible. When choosing the right technology alternative, many Oracle Reports users see BI Publisher as the right Oracle reporting successor.

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JasperReports Migration Survey Results

Oracle's announcement of the end of its reporting tool Oracle Reports is driving many IT executives to explore new alternatives. One of the most popular Oracle Forms alternatives so far is JasperReports from TIBCO. More than 50% of attendees in one of our webinars in...

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Migration to JasperReports [WEBINAR]

Sign up now to get immediate access to this webinar! We discuss what makes JasperReports a top Oracle Reports alternative with TIBCO representative Guillaume Autie and PITSS R & D leader Magdalena Serban. We will present a new and efficient way to migrate from Oracle Reports to this attractive alternative.

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Oracle ADF and Alternatives for Java EE [WEBINAR]

Join PITSS and Oracle's Director of Product Management as we compare several frameworks for Java Enterprise applications. In the latest Fusion Middleware release, Oracle also released Version of the Application Development Framework (ADF). ADF is one of the...

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View Our Webinar with IOUG

Are you at an Oracle crossroads? If your organization is considering a legacy modernization project, where does that leave you? What if your organization is not considering modernizing business-critical Oracle applications? It’s important to plan now for both the future of your organization, and for yourself.

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Oracle Forms 12c the Most Popular Features [Webinar]

The Most Popular FeaturesHow to Use the New Oracle Forms 12c Application-Wide Features Improved performance through in-memory options, no longer dependent on browsers and operating systems, and modern and light look: these and other features of Oracle Forms 12c have...

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