How to Integrate BI Publisher with Forms 12c [WEBINAR]

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Uncover the possibilities of BI Publisher in Oracle Forms 12c.

How well do you know the BI Publisher? Do you know how to use it with your application? In this webinar with Michael Ferrante, Product Manager at Oracle, you will learn about the features of BI Publisher and how to easily integrate these features with your application.

This webinar is for: Oracle Forms Developers, Oracle Administrators, and IT Managers

Use BI Publisher royalty free

The announcement that many Oracle Forms customers  can now use BI Publisher for free made CIOs and developers happy. This is another reason to get to know this extensive product and how to integrate it into Oracle Forms. BI Publisher can not only be used for migrating existing reports, but can also implement new requirements with its wide variety of features.

In this webinar we will show you how to integrate BI Publisher reports into Forms and which changes in the PL/SQL and the system parameters result from it.


Michael Ferrante

Michael Ferrante

Product Manager, Oracle

In this Webinar on Oracle BI Publisher and Forms 12c, you will learn:

How to easily integrate BI Publisher into Oracle Forms 12c

How this affects PL/SQL development

What value the BI Publisher brings for your Oracle Forms Application

Additionally we will answer the following questions:
  • How to pass parameters?
  • Which security concepts have to be taken into account?
  • How is a deployment carried out?
  • Which are the requirements for a database?
  • How can you open the door from Oracle Forms to the BI-World?

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