Your way from Oracle Reports 2 JasperReports

How to turn a simple migration to an efficient modernization

March 9 | 10:00 a.m. EST

Why, Where to & How to Migrate from Oracle Reports

Oracle Reports is deprecated by Oracle in the SOD and has not been expanded in years. At the same time we notice in many projects that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get staff to maintain and develop Oracle Reports.

Looking at popular reporting tools that particularly master pixel perfect printing, but also BI and dashboard functionalities, the decision is made quickly for JasperReports.

As PITSS´ Application Data Cube has seen and processed more than 30.000 Reports we want to partake you in this webinar on our great experience and PITSS´ modernization process.


  • Insights on PITSS migration & modernization process
  • Live demo Oracle Reports 2 JasperReports
  • Customer best practices
  • Webinar Special
  • Q&A


Your way from Oracle Reports 2 JasperReports

March 9 | 10:00 a.m. EST

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Your Speakers

Stephan La Rocca

Senior Consultant at PITSS

At PITSS since 2012, Stephan has managed numerous Oracle Forms modernization projects. He shows customers new ways in the modernization of software. His motto: there is always a solution that helps us move forward!


Ioannis Pechlivanis

Sales Manager at PITSS

Ioannis is an IT sales specialist and, as Sales Manager at PITSS, the contact person for all questions relating to Oracle Forms & Reports modernization. He is passionate about digital topics. Ioannis accompanies his customers in the modernization of enterprise applications.

Peter Kopac

Senior Consultant at PITSS

At PITSS since 2015, Peter has been a pro in customer projects based on Oracle DB and Forms & Reports or Oracle APEX. He is also a requested trainer for these topics and has an answer to every question.