Analyzer – The product for the best view of your application

Those who know the initial situation also master the changes.

Determine all dependencies and stumbling blocks
easily & quickly with the Analyzer

Dependencies at a glance

Let the Analyzer visually display the interaction of all elements of your application.

Detect problem areas

Stumbling blocks such as dead code, redundant code, hotspots, performance problems can be easily and quickly identified by the Analyzer.

Get quality metrics

The Analyzer provides you with an evaluation of key indicators across your entire application.

I want to understand and

improve my application!

So easy you can understand
your application

If your application seems impenetrable, then it is high time to run the Analyzer to get a clear view of the entire application. After that, the application becomes understandable again and thus easier to work with.

Free yourself from unnecessary code

With the Analyzer you can identify dead code and redundant code, and then clean it up. This will make your application much lighter and faster.

The Features at a glance
  • Determination of the dependencies of ALL objects in an application
  • Visual mapping of all processes within an application
  • Output of key indicators for quality measurement
  • Quality monitoring through guidelines and rules

The Analyzer makes your application simpler & easier

Size and complexity before and after cleanup

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