[WEBINAR] From Forms2APEX with an Object Centric Approach

How to get to Oracle APEX even easier and benefit from the new features of APEX 23.2

November 14, 2023 | 9:00 a.m. (EST)

The new object-centric approach to modernize your Oracle Forms to APEX 23.2

How to get away smarter from Oracle Forms and take advantage of the latest APEX 23.3 features. A live panel discussion with Oracle APEX expert Mónica Godoy.

New features from Oracle APEX 23.2 by Mónica Godoy
APEX is the leading low-code/no-code technology choice for enterprise applications. At OCW in September Oracle Boss Larry Ellison impressively highlighted the strategic importance of Oracle APEX. Mónica Godoy, Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle APEX, will share with us some of the new features of the latest version APEX 23.2.

Closer to the new APEX features with object-centric modernization
Object-centric modernization focuses on the objects and their processes, dependencies and accesses. In contrast to a purely functional or user-centric view, processes are also optimized in the course of modernization. In this way, the new APEX 23.2 features can be implemented more quickly and easily. The application becomes more agile in further development and maintenance.

A live panel discussion with
Mónica Godoy, Principal Product Manager Oracle APEX at Oracle
Stephan La Rocca, Director Business Development at PITSS

…about the typical steps and hurdles of a modernization from an Oracle Forms application to APEX. We are very much looking forward to your questions and contributions and an exciting exchange with you.

What you get from the webinar:

  • APEX – winning technology
  • APEX 23.2 – the new features
  • The migration plan from Forms to APEX
  • Live Demo migration steps
  • Object-centric modernization
  • Live discussion of your questions with the experts


From Forms2APEX with an Object Centric Approach

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Your Speakers

Mónica Godoy

Principal Product Manager – Oracle APEX at Oracle

Mónica is a leader in the Oracle APEX Community. She is not only an APEX technology expert, but is also passionate about helping companies migrate from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX. In addition, she is strongly committed to Oracle APEX in Latin America.

Stephan La Rocca

Senior Consultant at PITSS

At PITSS since 2012, Stephan has managed numerous Oracle Forms modernization projects. He shows customers new ways in the modernization of software. His motto: there is always a solution that helps us move forward!



Global Sales, PITSS

Sacha Sander has been on board since PITSS was founded. He fills the position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales. His customers appreciate him as a competent source of ideas and reliable partner in choosing the right solutions in software modernization.