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PITSS is the leader in digital transformation for legacy Oracle systems.

Expert Strategy

Rely on our years of industry expertise. Then we’ll help plan a digital transformation journey for your legacy systems.

Full-Stack Team

Trust our team of Oracle experts, developers, architects, project managers, and digital transformation strategists.

Upgrades and Migration

Easily upgrade your legacy Oracle Forms and Reports applications with our proprietary PITSS.CON software.

What We Do

PITSS is a growing provider of digital transformation solutions and strategies for legacy systems based in Detroit, Michigan. We take your investments in legacy systems including Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, ADF, APEX, and more. Then, we bring them into the modern world. Breakaway leaders are already overcoming challenges and outgrowing their competition in every industry. We help you break away by studying exactly how the data in your systems are used.

First, PITSS creates a 360 degree view of your legacy systems and extracts the most important processes and data. Then, we build a user experience that meets your critical business needs. As a result of our tools and expertise, we give our customers complete insight into their legacy systems. Thus, preserving your company’s investments and helping you take advantage of modern technologies.

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Protect the value of your legacy with PITSS.CON.

Our proprietary software, PITSS.CON, is a unique, high-performance development platform. PITSS.CON analyzes, migrates, upgrades, modernizes, and develops Oracle Forms and Reports applications for you. Because it’s packed with automated functionalities, our tool can speed up Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, ADF, and APEX update and migration projects. This means we can offer solutions for the most challenging legacy system modernization, and improve the overall quality of your applications.


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