Migrating from Oracle Reports [WEBINAR]

Feb. 28th at 11 a.m. EST | Learn why to migrate your Oracle Reports to JasperReports.

We’ll show you why and how to migrate to JasperReports from Oracle Reports.

JasperReports is a great alternative to Oracle Reports. In our previous report on the Future of Legacy Oracle Forms Applications, out of 100 participants, the majority of IT decision makers named TIBCO’s open source solution as their clear favorite.

In this free webinar, we discuss what makes it a top alternative for Oracle Reports with TIBCO representative Guillaume Autier. On the PITSS side, R & D leader Magdalena Serban presents a new and efficient way to migrate from Oracle Reports to this attractive alternative.

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Jumpstart your Oracle Reports modernization

September 28, 2022 | 10:00 a.m. (EDT)

Presenters: Guillaume Autier and Magdalena Serban

What you’ll learn in this webinar:


What makes JasperReports a top alternative to Oracle Reports?


What are the benefits of this technology that makes it an attractive option for migration?


How can I migrate Oracle Reports most efficiently?

More About Our Presenters

Sherman Wood

Director of Solutions Consulting at TIBCO

Sherman is the leader of the solution consulting team for TIBCO Jaspersoft worldwide, covering sales engineering and product marketing for the complete TIBCO Analytics offering.

Gavin Woods

Director of Consulting at PITSS America

Gavin leads our consulting solutions and team members. He is a certified SCRUM master and leads digital transformation projects for clients in a variety of industries for PITSS.