Understanding and mastering business processes

Successful process optimization –
digital and reliable

Data Governance & Data Lineage

Manage data and relationships by mapping and documenting processes and visualizing analysis results. Achieve unbeatable transparency of all business processes.

Maintainability & Performance

Identify hot spots in the application to address maintenance issues and improve performance. See how users actually use an application. Perform GAP analysis for target-performance comparison.

Refactoring & Modernization

Implement requirements from management and specialist departments in a targeted and reliable manner. Possibility to implement new business processes and interfaces as well as for technology changes and the use of mobile devices.
The PITSS Process Mining System


100% visibility into your processes

With our tool-based approach, we completely penetrate your application and make all processes visible.
This visualizes how your application is actually used, where there is a need for improvement and where hidden potential lies.


Discover potential and eliminate inefficiencies

Discover potential and eliminate inefficiencies
You receive precise information about the modules used in your application, a complete process model, statements about performance and utilization levels, and suggestions for fast and efficient refactoring of your application.

This makes it easy for you to optimize the most important processes and sustainably eliminate existing inefficiencies.

Know-How Transfer

Collect process knowledge and make it available

PITSS.CON’s superior capabilities for documentation in your application enable a seamless transfer of costly know-how built up over years regarding your application.

This protects your investment and ensures the future of your mission-critical application.


Simplify process knowledge and improve maintainability

By refactoring your application in this sensible way, the opportunity to simplify, clean up and reduce the complexity of your application opens up. This increases maintainability and reduces workload.

As a result, you regain sovereignty and control over your application and open yourself up to future innovations.

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