Engineer – The product for transforming your legacy application

Realign existing applications to meet new requirements

Easily redesign architectures with the Engineer

Cleanup of legacy items

Removal of dead code, duplicates and unused objects.

Changing the logic

Moving and bundling existing business logic.


Re-design of layers and structures.

Easily optimize the architecture of your
application with the Engineer

Identify and improve vulnerabilities

Controlled, large-scale interventions from source code optimization and architecture change to service structures and cloud infrastructures.

Re-Design for a modern and agile architecture

Transformed and modern structures allow applications to react flexibly to new requirements.

The Features at a glance
  • Analysis and cleanup of technical debt, dead-code and redundancies
  • Identification and refactoring of PL/SQL code towards a modern service structure
  • Visualization of the entire application with references, inheritance and navigation representation

The Engineer creates a light and modern architecture

With the Engineer to a modern architecture
Get the Engineer for your Oracle Forms
and Reports development
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