How to Use the New Oracle Forms 12c Application-Wide Features

Improved performance through in-memory options, no longer dependent on browsers and operating systems, and modern and light look: these and other features of Oracle Forms 12c have already impressed many developers and companies. In this free webinar, Oracle’s product manager Michael Ferrante explains the top functionality of Forms 12c.

In about 60 minutes, the Oracle expert describes the opportunities of the new features and how easy it is to implement this functionality throughout your application.

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Michael Ferrante

Michael Ferrante

Product Manager, Oracle

Presenter: Michael Ferrante, Product Manager at Oracle

Here’s what you’ll learn:


What new features Oracle introduced in Release 12c


How easy it is to migrate from an old version to the current release


How the new features could enrich your application with little effort

Q&A Session with Michael Ferrante

Michael Ferrante also answers our client’s questions in a helpful Q&A section. We offered our customers the opportunity to ask our guest speaker your questions about Forms 12c beforehand, and he answered at the end of the webinar. If you still have questions after viewing this webinar, you can email us at

Further topics and issues that are described in the webinar:

  • How efficiently can the necessary infrastructure (Weblogic Server) be set up?
  • How can I continue to ensure a direct printing from Oracle Reports?
  • How to ensure necessary security aspects?
  • How to use Java WebStart or the new Standalone Launcher efficiently and how to configure these features?
  • What training is available?