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Infographic Round Up

Cool-Down Friday — Modernization Readiness Boot Camp Ask our experts about starting your software modernization. Today's Friday Cool Down, as part of the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp, delivers a series of recent digital transformation infographics. Take a few...

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Content vs. Data [WHITEPAPER]

Drawing distinctions between monolithic and modern architecture for digital disruption. Modern applications focus on the end user, the user experience, and the graphical experience of interacting with the enterprise. Modern applications accomplish all of this while effectively communicating the organization’s brand, style, and identity.

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How Well Do You Know Your Legacy System?

Today’s Monday Jump Start is an important one. How well do you know your legacy systems? Good documentation can stop your problems before they begin. Use this easy checklist quiz from the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp to determine the status of your legacy system documentation.

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Modernization Advice Round-Up

For this Friday Cool Down as part of the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp, we asked our team members at PITSS, “what is the one piece of advice you would give a company looking to start a software modernization project?” Here are some of their best answers.

From project management to marketing, there’s something for everyone in this expert round up.

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Comparing Modernization Methodologies

Acceleration Thursday — Modernization Readiness Boot CampSign up to receive immediate access to the whitepaper.For more than 20 years, Oracle Forms has been an early RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool for Oracle databases. Because of the ease and popularity of...

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Custom Web Applications for Legacy Systems

PITSS Offers Custom Web Applications for Legacy Systems Are your customers or end-users looking for more? Are your Oracle Forms applications unwieldy and out of date? Do you find it difficult to train your employees using these systems? Are your legacy applications...

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Check Out Our Latest Interview with SuperbCrew

Interview with PITSS on our digital transformation offerings. We're in the news again. Our latest interview is live on SuperbCrew.com. Our Chief Architect and VP of Sales and Operations discuss what makes PITSS a good choice for digital transformation consulting, some...

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