FEATURED: Avoid the Shadow App Mayhem

Do you know about shadow applications and how they can affect your business? In this article, we discuss the risks of unauthorized applications, and how to transform your legacy systems to render shadow apps obsolete.

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How to Reduce the Length of a Modernization Project

We know that one of the top four challenges a CIO faces in a modernization project is the time it takes to complete. Why do some modernization projects take so long to complete? Are there ways to reduce the length of a modernization project to help reduce costs and...

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Are you at an Oracle crossroads? If your organization is considering a legacy modernization project, where does that leave you? What if your organization is not considering modernizing business-critical Oracle applications? It’s important to plan now for both the future of your organization, and for yourself.

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The Future of Legacy Oracle Applications

How do you feel about the future of your legacy Oracle applications? A legacy application is an older application program that is no longer supported, standardized, modern, or considered best of breed. They aren’t necessarily all bad. Many have paved the way for newer...

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How Does Legacy System Modernization Reduce Costs?

70% of corporate software systems used today are considered legacy. Many of today’s top enterprises still use legacy software, and for most of these organizations, these systems are considered critical to their operations. In fact, 70% of corporate software systems...

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Custom Web Applications for Legacy Systems

PITSS Offers Custom Web Applications for Legacy Systems Are your customers or end-users looking for more? Are your Oracle Forms applications unwieldy and out of date? Do you find it difficult to train your employees using these systems? Are your legacy applications...

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Check Out Our Latest Interview with SuperbCrew

Interview with PITSS on our digital transformation offerings. We're in the news again. Our latest interview is live on SuperbCrew.com. Our Chief Architect and VP of Sales and Operations discuss what makes PITSS a good choice for digital transformation consulting, some...

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