Legacy System Modernization Solutions

PITSS offers a variety of solutions to analyze, upgrade, modernize, and transform legacy systems.

Legacy Application Modernization

When you upgrade, migrate, or modernize legacy applications, your organization can minimize risks and promote growth. Take the first steps toward a brighter digital future for your business.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Find the most cost-effective, strategic option to modernize your legacy systems and Oracle applications. PITSS can help you identify the work effort, the necessary tool changes, and ideal project plan with surgical precision.

Full-Service Development

We listen closely to your unique situation, then create a working digital transformation road map. Collaborating with your technology and business teams, we fully analyze your legacy systems and develop a working prototype of your future state.

Legacy System Security

We can help you form a complete picture of your legacy system security. Let us identify weaknesses and gaps in your infrastructure using our PITSS.CON software. Then we can completely architect a new secure solution.

What Legacy System Modernization Solutions Does PITSS Offer?

You’ve decided that your business-critical legacy systems need a change. So what now? What legacy system modernization solutions can help your Oracle Forms applications and other legacy systems? PITSS offers a complete set of digital transformation solutions, strategies, products, and teams to solve your complext business problems.

First, allow us to form a complete picture of your digital state. Then, we form a full digital transformation strategy to help you get where you need to go. Finally, take advantage of our full-stack team and full-service development to take your business systems to their finished state. Our digital transformation solutions utilize industry and development best practices. As a result, our customers recommend PITSS for legacy system modernization and transformation.


Our proprietary legacy system modernization platform, PITSS.CON, can analyze, upgrade, and extract business logic from your Oracle Forms applications and other legacy systems.


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“PITSS came to really listen, get knowledge transfer from various stakeholders involved, and understand the specific business processes that we were looking to update… [this] led to a technical solution that would help us achieve what we wanted to do – a modern user interface, very fast, very responsive, and being unlocked from our legacy system.”

Mike Czerniak

Directory of Digital Products, AAR Corp

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