Oracle Forms to APEX – a joint success story

High-tech company Savantage Solutions, Oracle and PITSS – An enterprise application migration project – A live panel discussion

March 29, 2023 | 2 p.m. (EDT)

An enterprise application migration project

Oracle Forms migration projects pose major challenges for IT companies and IT departments in the coming years.

Are these also your questions?

Why should we migrate? How do we approach a migration project? Which target technology should we switch to? How do we start the migration? What and who do we need? How can we adopt values from the old application? How long will the project take? How much will it cost? …

Here you get the answers

These are all questions that need to be answered before embarking on a migration project. Hear first-hand from CEO Lisa Kazor of the high-tech company Savantage Solutions how they successfully migrated their enterprise application step by step.

Learn all about Savantage Solutions’ migration project

  • The need to migrate from Oracle Forms
  • Why and how to APEX
  • How the migration project plan looked
  • Choice of first cluster and what to consider
  • Implementation steps
  • How to onboard the team
  • The biggest challenges in retrospect
  • Goals achieved
  • Experiences and recommendations

A live panel discussion with

Lisa Kazor, CEO and founder of Savantage Solutions, will let you in on how she approaches delivering cutting edge technology solutions to maximize customer satisfaction. To this end, Lisa strictly follows her business philosophy of staying in alignment with Oracle’s vision, leveraging the latest and greatest technology tools from Oracle, to provide her customers market leading solutions.

Toufiq Mohammed, Senior Product Manager APEX at Oracle, will explain why APEX and why especially Oracle Forms customers benefit from APEX. Moreover Toufiq will show what paths there are from Oracle Forms to APEX, what to look for, and the importance of APEX to Oracle.

Stephan La Rocca, Director Business Development at PITSS, will present the project plan, how to best start with an Oracle Forms to APEX migration and how to avoid typical mistakes of an updated migration.

About Savantage Solutions

Savantage Solutions offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions tailored to the needs of the US Federal market. Its flagship product manages the entire financial management and budgeting processing for customers, serving as a Federal agency’s financial system of record. Savantage has followed the Oracle technology stack since the early 1980’s.


Oracle Forms to APEX – a joint success story

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Your Speakers

Lisa Kazor

CEO at Savantage Solutions

Lisa is the CEO and Founder of Savantage. Her philosophy as a business leader has always been ‘customer comes first’. Lisa’s goal is to deliver value to her customers every day, by building a strong and robust company that can deliver quality software products and services for large enterprise projects to the government better and faster than the competitors.

Toufiq Mohammed

Senior Product Manager – Oracle APEX

Toufiq is a Senior Product Manager in the Oracle APEX product development team. He is responsible for customer success and adoption of APEX primarily in the JAPAC region. Prior to joining the APEX team, he worked as an APEX Developer and Architect for an ERP Product, migrating Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX and developing commercial multi-tenant SaaS products using Oracle APEX.


Stephan La Rocca

Senior Consultant at PITSS

At PITSS since 2012, Stephan has managed numerous Oracle Forms modernization projects. He shows customers new ways in the modernization of software. His motto: there is always a solution that helps us move forward!



Global Sales, PITSS

Sacha Sander has been on board since PITSS was founded. He fills the position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales. His customers appreciate him as a competent source of ideas and reliable partner in choosing the right solutions in software modernization.