PITSS Data Cube – Innovative repository for structuring and processing all application data

Unique basic product and central performer of the PITSS Products

Simplify, save & accelerate sustainably
with the PITSS Data Cube

Super Parser

All data, elements, functions and processes of your applications are completely loaded and read into the PITSS Data Cube.

Experienced Organizer

All data and elements are granularized and sorted considering their destination and dependencies.

Reliable Administrator

All data and elements are available at any time for all project tasks and processing steps with the PITSS products and can be made available for this purpose.

Modern application development
is product based

For all tasks and challenges related to your applications, using the PITSS Data Cube always means that time and costs are saved. Projects are more calculable and the quality of the results will satisfy you to the maximum. With a manual approach, like that of service providers, these goals can never be achieved in their entirety.

The innovative repository

One of the outstanding features of the PITSS Data Cube is that complete applications with all their elements can be read in and then broken down into their smallest components. This unique processing in the repository of the PITSS Data Cube is the basis of the PITSS products that start here – from analysis & optimization to modernization & migration of applications.

The Features at a glance
  • Loading of complete applications via APIs
  • Structured storage of code in tables
  • Central management and provision of all loaded objects
  • Provision of a multi-user & administrator concept
  • Base product of all PITSS products
  • For all company sizes and industries

The unique universe of
PITSS products

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