Oracle Forms to APEX

Fastest and most reliable solutions for migrating to Oracle APEX



You get all advantages from a responsive Design and a modern User Experience (UX).

Low-Code Implementation

You don’t need to dive deep into HTML and CSS. APEX follows a declarative approach and reduces 98% of manual code writing.

Less Costs

You save money through fewer license fees and lower maintenance costs
What Oracle, Gartner and Customers say about APEX


Oracle:Oracle APEX is the clear platform of choice for easily transitioning Oracle Forms applications to modern web apps.
Gartner: “Oracle Recognized as a November 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform Market.



Justus-Liebig University Gießen: “PITSS and the FORMS REPLACER KIT helped us with a problem that seemed difficult to solve at first sight within a very short time. Our previous Forms application got a solid and promising basis for the part implemented with APEX.


With our Application Data Cube we cover and dissolve any kind of complexity of your existing Forms software. You get the whole picture of the migration process from the very first moment, without skipping a single line of code or property.


We save the investments of your legacy Oracle Forms application by extracting all relevant and helpful artefacts into the new APEX development. You decide: Keep it or leave it – from top to bottom.


Instead of time consuming interviews we provide a unique way of identifying business processes inside your Forms application and modernize on Business Process level rather than byte level.

Expect the freedom of a green field approach while saving maximum investment of your legacy application.
Our unique Modernization Track
load whole legacy application

analyze whole legacy application & impact

transform with all results and goals to a modern APEX application
implement the new APEX application
work happily and successfully with your new APEX application

Cover all

You can be sure that no validation, no even rare exception, no hidden statement will be lost.

Speed Process

With our intelligent Application Data Cube we generate as many artifacts as possible with your configuration. You’ll get the most performant springboard for your start into APEX development.

Consistent Quality

In that way you could influence design patterns, coding convention and guiding rules which will spread out over your complete application. Don’t start controlling the rules afterwards – use them to create the application.

Enables Architecture Discussion

With the big picture in the very early stage, you’re able to made the right decisions before the first sprint starts. No risk to change your mind half way down.
Free QuickCheck

Based on your application, we run through the steps of the modernization track and allow a first overview


With your code we prepare a workshop to show you steps, efforts, results and possibilities


Try the real migration taste – take one cluster to APEX

Fix Price Migration

Get the fully guided and success guaranteed migration

You want to learn more about APEX and whether it is the right technology for you?
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