[WEBINAR] Top challenges in an Oracle Forms to APEX modernization

How to overcome them – a panel discussion

March 13, 2024 | 9:00 a.m. (EDT)


What are the biggest challenges in an Oracle Forms to APEX migration? How do you overcome them? A live panel discussion with Oracle APEX experts Mónica Godoy & Stephan La Rocca.

FAQs about an Oracle Forms to APEX modernization
We discuss your and other frequently asked questions about a Forms to APEX modernization. Why replace Forms? Why from Forms to APEX? What is the best way to move from Forms to APEX? How time-consuming is the migration? Feel free to send us your questions while registering for the webinar.

BL2DB – Business logic to database
APEX stands for database-centric development. This makes development much more efficient. So bring the business logic into the database. Benefit from database-centered development with access via browser and a business logic that is available in the database ready for retrieval.

Oracle compliant on track to APEX
Gain first-hand knowledge on how PITSS solutions align with Oracle’s approach to modernization. Discover how PITSS leverages its expertise to ensure full compliance and efficiency throughout the modernization process.

Successful project examples Forms to APEX
Get insights from successful migration projects in order to find the right start for your migration project.

What you get from the webinar:

  • Reason why APEX is the Forms successor technology
  • Answers to all the questions about Oracle Forms to APEX
  • Managing BL2DB – Business Logic to Database
  • Oracle compliant migration solutions
  • Project examples


Top challenges in an Oracle Forms to APEX modernization

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Your Speakers

Mónica Godoy

Principal Product Manager – Oracle APEX at Oracle

Mónica is a leader in the Oracle APEX Community. She is not only an APEX technology expert, but is also passionate about helping companies migrate from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX. In addition, she is strongly committed to Oracle APEX in Latin America.

Stephan La Rocca

Senior Consultant at PITSS

At PITSS since 2012, Stephan has managed numerous Oracle Forms modernization projects. He shows customers new ways in the modernization of software. His motto: there is always a solution that helps us move forward!


Uta Daniels

Sales and Partner networks, PITSS

Uta is a Sales and Partner networks specialist at PITSS. She is passionate about networking and enabling customers with PITSS solutions.