Upgrade to Oracle Forms 12c and benefit from the latest features

YES to ORACLE FORMS – With version 12c !
Why Forms 12c?

Stay supported

Oracle Forms supports current operating systems and database versions including Oracle’s autonomous database and cloud offerings

Use new functionality

Start Oracle Forms with FSAL, benefit from performance tuning of record management, smooth integration of BI Publisher and color schemes.

Modernize with Forms

Oracle Forms could be an essential part of your journey to a modern software landscape based on cloud and microservices.
What Oracle and Customers say about FORMS
“Oracle Forms produces powerful desktop applications delivered with the ease and scalability of a web application.”
“With PITSS.CON we are going to save more than 30 man years of work for the upgrade to the latest Forms version alone. In addition to that we will have annual savings of hundreds of man days in development processes. So working together with PITSS is truly the best choice for us.”

Forms Community

“Forms offered a unique declarative development approach well integrated with the Oracle database. As the Forms applications continue to function, there are less reasons for customers to consider alternatives“. Sohaib Abbasi, former Oracle Product Manager, RedStack Magazine 2/2019



With our Application Data Cube, neither the size nor the complexity of your application matters.


With our Application Data Cube, we identify and secure valuable source code investments for your upgrade.


Use the upgrade to improve your application: Customize color schemes, change layouts and get rid of legacy issues.
Our unique methodology –
for maximum efficiency
With unique automations, PITSS offers the most intelligent
solution for the easiest migration and modernization of Oracle Forms.

360° Analysis

Prepare, Refactor
Customize Design


Fine Tuning,

Automated Testing, Rollout, Tracking

Your benefits at a glance

Easy Management

…because all code and function dependencies in applications are represented, data is replaced en masse, and technical debt is eliminated.

Test Support

…because application testing is streamlined through the use of tools and management guidance, and becomes more valuable in the end.

Comprehensive Analytics

…because vast amounts of metrics from code to architecture reflect the state of an application and help improve software patch by patch.

Live Process Dashboard

…because how applications are used & executed and whether they cover business requirements identify process recordings.
Find your individual entry point for
the Forms Upgrade from where you are
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Forms Upgrade Analysis & Assessment

Analysis for the Forms Upgrade
  • approx. 1 week
  • analysis results
  • calculation & recommendation
  • project plan
  • ready for the Forms Upgrade

Individual consulting
for the modernization of your software

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