Documents – The product for the automated documentation of your Oracle applications

Even complex legacy applications are retrospectively documented without gaps

Documents automatically and completely
maps your application

Online Documentation

All files are documented online across all technologies.

Wide range of display options

Objects, structures, operations and connections can be displayed as desired.

Software metrics & test coverage

State-of-the-art software development also for legacy applications.

Diverse representation of objects across all layers

Objects can be represented by their nature/properties throughout the applications, in programs, program blocks, texts or comments.

I want to see my application!

Representation of structures and dependencies

Structure documentation starting from defined objects call-stack-up and call-stack-down. Table or column usage on operational level of DML (CRUD) operations.

The Features at a glance
  • Cross-technology online documentation: Oracle Forms/Reports/Libs/DB/SQL files/* files
  • Various representations of objects
  • Representations over the entire applications, in programs, individual program blocks, texts or comments
  • Representations of inheritances, usages and dependencies
  • Representation of structures
  • Test coverage

Documents makes your application visible

A documented application becomes an understandable application
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