Legacy System Security Solutions

Prevent a security disaster in your business-critical legacy systems.

Application Assessment

We will assess the current state of your legacy system, looking for gaps and potential issues.

Security Infrustructure

PITSS can help you get away from older, insecure infrastructure.

System Transformation

Let us help you start fresh and completely transform the security of your legacy system.

What Legacy Systems Security Solutions Does PITSS Offer?

It’s time to focus on legacy systems security. If your most business-critical systems and applications are vulnerable, you could risk data breaches or even lawsuits. Many legacy applications were built in a different time – before many software vulnerabilities were well-understood, using outdated rules and guidelines. Even legacy vendor applications that have been patched or updated by the original manufacturer may have lost support over the years as the vendor moves on to newer products.

Allow PITSS to help you form a complete picture of legacy system security. By fully analyzing the weaknesses and gaps in your infrastructure, we can then help you architect a solution. Whether it’s migrating your legacy system to a newer, more secure platform, or completely transforming your application using modern, secure architecture, PITSS has the expertise and legacy system security solutions for your organization’s most critical applications.

How a PITSS Tech Lead Identified Legacy System Security Issues

Our technical lead identified a potential security issue with one of our clients’ legacy applications. Learn how he identified the issue and how you can prevent your own security breach.

Oracle Forms Security Solutions

Oracle Forms has its own binary message format that supports multiple transport methods. It’s meant to serialize and provide extra security for the platform. However, this proprietary Oracle Forms format leaves organizations unable to use other security testing tools. The encryption and key exchange schemes can be vulnerable to attack. If your organization uses Oracle Forms based applications, it’s more important than ever to have a full security audit of your system.

The $1M Document

Learn how code documentation is important for your legacy system. Sign up now for this free 30-minute webinar and checklist to help identify gaps in your code documentation.

PITSS.CON Platform

Understanding your code can impacts the security of your legacy system. Our proprietary platform PITSS.CON offers full legacy code analysis.

Transformation Strategy

PITSS can help you identify the necessary effort, tools, and project plans with expert precision. Our legacy system transformation roadmap will save your business time, money, and risk.

Meet our team to see how we can transform the systems that matter most to your business.