Digital Transformation Strategy

We’re transforming yesterday’s legacy software today.

Use Case Analysis

Using our digital transformation strategy, you might find that some code handles most of your needs.

Portfolio Assessment

Our Enterprise Assessment can save up to 1/3 of your estimated project and development time.

PITSS.CON Software

Our PITSS.CON technology accelerates Oracle Forms modernization and migration.

Full-Stack Team

The digital transformation strategy team specializes in modernizing and transforming Oracle Forms.

Why is Digital Transformation Strategy important?

The incredible new options of technology are moving fast.  Meanwhile, your organization has invested years into critical legacy applications. Without a digital transformation strategy in place, this has resulted in applications that touch everything you do. 

You’ve decided you need a change. It’s time for an Oracle Forms replacement. Now what?

How can you tap into the cost-saving value of cloud technologies without abandoning your current software?  How can you reduce the cost of modernizing your app for mobile?  Most of all, how can you turn a legacy system into a money-making asset? So buckle up and dial in as the digital transformation strategy experts at PITSS guide you.  We use our industry knowledge, and as a result, find the most cost-effective, strategic option to modernize your legacy Oracle systems.  Let us help you identify the necessary work effort, tool changes, and ideal project plan with surgical precision. All of this saving your business time, money, and risk.

See our strategies take flight.

Use Case Analysis

Any PITSS.CON analysis begins with the source code. Imagine these rectangles are the files, libraries, and other program units of an application. A trained PITSS.CON user can take these files and chart the connections between them, creating a Dependency Graph. PITSS.CON presents a complete picture of how the source code connects in the dependency graph. For any Form in the application, the graph tells us exactly how many use case entry points there are. In our example there are six – use cases named A, B, C, D, E, and F.

Portfolio Assessment

Our architecture specialists work with your SMEs, business analysts and technology experts in a series of intensive workshops aimed at maximizing the benefits of change, and your team’s ownership of the process. The application analysis assessment begins with discussions of current-state enterprise architecture and rapidly evolves into a think tank for business value innovation.  Expect to be surprised. Our Portfolio Assessment accelerates your team’s command of the facts, the options, and their confidence to execute.

PITSS.CON Software

PITSS.CON is a unique, proprietary development platform that is important to any digital transformation strategy. This tool migrates, analyzes, modernizes, upgrades, and develops Oracle Forms and Reports applications. Through comprehensive functionality, our PITSS.CON Oracle Forms tool supports Oracle development projects with configurable automation. PITSS.CON extends the life of your investment Oracle Forms applications, customized Oracle applications, and the latest technology, such as ADF, APEX, Java, and SOA.

Full-Stack Development Team

At PITSS we are firm believers in the SCRUM-based agile development methodology. Our trained project managers regularly consult with our oversight team to ensure project quality is met across our organization.

We use best of breed processes and task management. We specialize in services from Oracle for mobile development to a full digital transformation of your critical business systems. Rely on our full service development to expertly take you through every step of your journey.

Avoid the Shadow App Mayhem

Is your IT department constantly chasing shadow applications? It’s time to make shadow apps obsolete. Transform your legacy systems to give your users the features, functions, and versatility they need.

Software Development

Learn more about our full-stack software development team. We specialize in legacy Oracle Forms applications.

Legacy Modernization

We are experts in legacy application modernization. Learn how our solutions can impact your organization.

Legacy System Security

Don’t leave your legacy systems vulnerable to security issues. We can help identify these issues before they happen.

Meet our team to see how we can transform the systems that matter most to your business.

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