The $1M Dollar Document

Why Good Documentation can Make or Break Your Transformation

What is the million dollar document?

It’s pretty straightforward. It’s the document that stops your problems before they begin. Problems that amount to time, lost to ineffective IT training, or not taking full advantage of tools you own today, or lost sales because of bugs in the apps that fulfill your orders. A $1M document not only prepares your team to prevent these problems by operating efficiently, it equips your team to solve them faster when they do happen.

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What You’ll Learn in this Webinar


What is good documentation?


How will documentation help your legacy systems thrive?


How does documentation drive your digital transformation projects?

More About Our Presenters

Ross Smith

Ross Smith is a Chief Architect at PITSS. As an architect, Ross ensures that projects are appropriately scoped, planned, and documented.

Alex Walworth

Alex Walworth is a Solutions Architect at PITSS. He leads digital transformation projects in every industry from healthcare to financial services.