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Oracle Forms Transformation

Our PITSS.CON tool is the all-in-one Oracle Forms transformation platform. Contact us to learn how you can use PITSS.CON to make the most of your legacy applications.

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Oracle Forms Analysis

Understanding the status of your code can impact your entire business system. When you know how and why your Oracle Forms operate and understand every step that goes into it, you can fully understand how it impacts the most important parts of your business. PITSS.CON gives you a 360 degree analysis, allowing us to create a clear picture of your systems.

Code Reengineering

When businesses inherit projects built on legacy applications and old infrastructure, they have to make up for years, sometimes decades, of technical debt. Using our PITSS.CON tool, we analyze, restructure, and reengineer your existing Oracle Forms code. This helps preserve your technical investment, and cut down on overall project development time, costs, and risk.


Legacy System Documentation

Without documentation, the importance of your software can be lost. From systems that are no longer supported, to employees who quit and take valuable IT knowledge with them, documentation relieves some of the risks inherent to legacy systems. PITSS.CON documents the important code and processes of your software. It can help explain to users and developers how your software is used or operates.

Oracle Forms Modernization

Despite some chatter to the contrary, there is a future for Oracle Forms. If your strategy is to retain your legacy Oracle Forms systems to protect your investments, PITSS.CON can help. Using our digital transformation platform in conjunction with our industry best practices and full service development team, we’re experts in Oracle Forms modernization and strategy.

Extracted Business Logic

If you want to preserve your legacy systems investment, it makes sense to extract, preserve, and reuse your existing code. PITSS.CON analyzes your code and extracts the business rules. Then, we personally review this code to understand how it can be reshaped and reused to suit your new business goals. Finally, we architect a plan to help you achieve these goals with the help of your clean business logic.

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