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Oracle Forms upgrade, migration, and modernization made easy.

PITSS.CON Software Editions

PITSS.CON is a unique, high-performance development platform for your next Oracle Forms upgrade. PITSS.CON analyzes, migrates, upgrades, modernizes, and develops Oracle Forms and Reports applications for you.

PITSS.CON software speeds up Oracle Forms upgrade migration projects. Our tool offers solutions for challenging legacy application modernization, and helps teams improve the overall quality of their Oracle Forms applications.

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Oracle Forms Upgrade Edition

Outdated technology is risky. This is simply because of lack of maintenance and support on the part of the manufacturer. Not correcting errors can lead to serious problems. As a result, your business can’t take advantage of innovations and new technologies. The latest release of Oracle Forms 12c demonstrates Oracle’s continued commitment to the Oracle Forms and Reports development platform. Since this upgrade includes many new functional and technical enhancements, it’s important to consider an Oracle Forms upgrade or migrating to the latest version of Oracle Forms and Reports. This is an important step to leverage your ongoing technology investment and prepare your application software architecture for new Java-based technologies, such as ADF.

Code Reengineering Edition

PITSS.CON ensures complete investment protection by enabling organizations to easily and efficiently open Oracle Forms applications to service-oriented architecture by extracting PL/SQL business logic. Prior to extraction, the business logic will be analyzed and distinguished between user-interface, process, adn core logic in order to prepare a transition to a state-of-the-art software architecture (i.e. the ADF model-view-controller software architecture). With wizard-based tools and automatic generation of Oracle Forms Web Services, PITSS.CON makes code, business logic, and data access layers compliant with service-oriented architecture.

Oracle Forms Migration to ADF Edition

The decision to migrate to JEE and Oracle ADF represents an important step towards modern, future-proof application. However, it is a major challenge, as it brings entirely new development paradigms with it. Many do not want to throw away the investments they’ve made in Oracle Forms applications, and PITSS offers support through proven Oracle Forms migration tools, best practices, and experienced consultants. This reduces the risks typical of a major technology change and, at the same time, the economic implementation.

With the PITSS ADF Migration Analysis and the help of PITSS.CON, we reveal all the automated, partially-automated, and manual processes to migrate your Oracle Forms applications to an ADF application. We provide you with a cost estimate for the entire ADF upgrade process, from the infrastructure development, to project planning, to the new ADF application release.

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Oracle Forms Migration to APEX Edition

With its multiple capabilities, APEX has emerged as a reliable option for Oracle Forms modernization. The decision to upgrade your Oracle Forms to APEX is an important step for a more modern, future-proof application, but it is a major challenge. PITSS offers support through proven migration tools, best practices, and experienced consultants. This reduces the risks typical of such a technology change and, at the same time, the economic implementation.

At PITSS, we’ll create a project plan for migration, determine the cost of your APEX migration, and determine the time required for your migration. We can show you all the automatable, partially-automatable, and manual processes necessary to migrate your Oracle Forms to APEX. Your estimate will cover everything in the upgrade process, from infrastructure to project planning and development, to the release of the new application. After the analysis, you’ll have the parameters you need to accurately plan and calculate your project.


Oracle Forms Application Analysis Edition

PITSS ensures greater efficiency in the development around Oracle Forms and Reports with the analysis tools. Each analysis is performed using PITSS.CON Source Code Analytics at PITSS or on-site, for a fixed cost, to help companies answer any critical questions about their Oracle Forms applications. Your complete application is analyzed, displayed, and recorded in the PITSS.CON repository. The detailed results report include key figures, cost estimates, and detailed statistics based on your questions. In addition to the standard analysis that covers approximately 90% of typical problems in the life cycle of Oracle Forms and Reports applications, this tool can be expanded for company-specific issues and methodology.

PITSS.CON Software Highlights


Built-in integrated repository for all objects and tasks in development and maintenance processes


Comprehensive analysis as a sound basis for development decisions, planning and risk management


Efficient development and maintenance of high-quality application code


Quick Oracle migration to new Forms and Reports from Forms versions 2.3 or Reports version 1.9 with all dependencies


Powerful support tool for automated migration to Java ADF or APEX Integrated version and configuration management


Automatic, current and comprehensive application documentation

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