Semi-Annual Business Goal Review

We want you to succeed. Our PITSS.CON platform is only one tool in our toolbox. As part of your maintenance fee, experts at PITSS will sit down with your organization to assess your goals and needs. We’ll review your upcoming projects and ideas, then provide insight about how to use PITSS.CON to accomplish these goals. The knowledgeable team at PITSS will lend our expertise on the latest developments and opportunities for your systems.



Discover more ways to use PITSS.CON


Build new opportunities for your organization


Access the latest industry expertise


Design a clear roadmap to modernization

Contact our team to schedule your semi-annual business review or to learn more.

Annual Application Health Check

We know that your system’s health is vital to your organization. That’s why we’re now offering a yearly health check included with your PITSS.CON maintenance fee. Just like a yearly physical, we’ll assess your version of PITSS.CON, how it’s being used, and check on the performance of your applications, database, environments, and code. You’ll either get the all-clear, or we’ll provide a full report with suggestions for ways to use PITSS.CON to fix your issues and get your systems in shape.



Always have the latest version of PITSS.CON


Get a clear picture of your system


Spot issues before they're a bigger problem


Receive suggestions, fixes, and plans for improvement

Bug Fixes, Tracking, and Support

PITSS.CON is a versatile tool that can be used to support your enterprise in a variety of ways. Along with the tool, our highly rated support team will be here to assist. Our team can show you how to use PITSS.CON in new ways to solve your problems. Not only will you receive ongoing support, but our knowledgeable team is also on hand to help with bug fixes and updates.

Open a ticket and our team will contact you as soon as they can.

Releases, Installations, and Patches

As a PITSS client, we seek to ensure that your organization is completely satisfied with our tools and support. With your PITSS.CON maintenance fee, you’ll always have the latest version and newest features available. Your organization will also have the opportunity to work with our development team to provide insight on new features that you need most. We’ll even re-install PITSS.CON for free to ensure that you’ll never miss a beat and always have access to our software.

PITSS.CON Installation Prerequisites

NOTICE: PITSS.CON 16.2.3 Certificate Expiration and Renewal

The jar files affiliated with PITSS.CON will be expiring November 16, 2017. We’ve released an article that will help PITSS customers understand what needs to be done to renew the affected jar files.


Our team of PITSS.CON experts will sit with your team and help you understand how to use PITSS.CON to solve your business challenges. PITSS provides services to enable customers and partners to optimally use the PITSS.CON product in their migration, modernization, and development projects.

Whether you are an existing user of PITSS.CON or are new to the tool, training can be tailored to your organization’s needs. If you need a refresher course, or help training a new employee, simply reach out to your account rep or open a help desk ticket.

Meet our team to see how we can transform the systems that matter most to your business.