Reports Migration Steps

Reports is reaching end of life. Do you have a solid reporting strategy?

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In our Oracle Reports blog series, we’ve discussed the end of life for Oracle Reports and why it’s more important now than ever to develop a Reports migration strategy. Now we’ll show you how the PITSS methodology is the key to improving your Reports migration project.

Extend your License


Existing PITSS.CON customers can extend their product license for the new Replacer Kit and decide the extent of PITSS support they will require based on their contract.

Service Offering


Organizations who are new to PITSS may prefer to bypass the overhead of licensing and training on our tools. Our Oracle Reports migration service allows us to manage the entire process for you according to your needs.

Contact us to explore your options, and together we’ll guide you through the right migration steps to reach the reporting technology that’s right for your organization.

Reports Migration Steps

Migrating from an unsupported version to a new technology requires knowledge and understanding of both frameworks, as well as a true understanding of your Forms application. The PITSS methodology is the right solution for this problem because we take a series of critical steps to ensure we understand the complexities of your application and reporting needs.

Usage Analysis

We collect example reporting and data that you consider most important to preserve. We review them with your team to understand how they are used in context, and in most cases, we apply Use Case Analysis code injection to gather usage statistics of these reports from your Oracle Reports installation.


PITSS works closely with your IT group to determine the best method to install and patch our industry-leading PITSS.CON code analysis tool for use during the engagement.


With the results from the Usage Analysis we identify the Oracle Reports we need for conversion. We group these reports by criticality and plan the conversion process around the incremental delivery of these prioritized groups.

For each milestone:


We do the actual technical process of converting your Oracle Reports to your target technology.


The visual results of each report are reviewed with an appointed non-technical member of your team. Here we ensure the migrated reports are what the organization is expecting.


The converted code of each report is tested with your IT’s QA, Testing, or Staging environment to verify it will function without defect in your new reporting technology.


The converted reports for the milestone are released to Production, where your team can begin training on them and easing over from their corresponding Oracle Reports.


The other applications, including employee portals and dashboards, are updated to integrate with the new reports and encourage users to adopt the new system over the soon-to-retire Oracle Reports.

How does PITSS methodology reduce costs?

No licensing required.

We don’t require you to license our migration product to do the work. Our team can do your Reports conversion as a service engagement with well-understood cost terms.

Planned service offering.

With the benefit of our long experience in migrating legacy systems, our reports migration service engagement is structured to maximize efficiency and solve common issues before they appear. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting of scheduling and organizing the process; that’s our job.

Blended team approach.

Part of our methodology is knowledge transfer to your team via co-working on the migration work itself. Once we establish the pace of the migration and our methodology is well-understood by your team, you are at liberty to continue with as much or as little support from PITSS as you want.

How does PITSS methodology reduce migration time?

Our product.

Our software is designed to automate much of the conversion process. Our migration experts know where and how to intervene manually to give you excellent, performant results the first time.

Our team.

PITSS is extremely proud of our small and talented team. We don’t bring in more staff than necessary to do the work. This gives the consultants you work with the autonomy and agility they need to do the work quickly and directly with your own team, so that you can set the pace.

Our process.

The number one rule of migrations is to only migrate what brings you value, and retire everything else. Our methodology, product, and team all play a part in rapidly filtering out the code and Oracle Reports you no longer require. The result is an accelerated project timeline as you only focus on what you need to succeed in the future.

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Good news for Oracle Forms customers! Oracle has officially announced that if your enterprise runs Forms with a Forms and Reports license, you may now also be entitled to use BI Publisher for free. Contact us to figure out how this exciting news impacts your organization.

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