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The question of the alternatives to the soon-to-be discontinued Oracle Reports currently concerns many IT decision makers. By 2023 at the latest, full support will be stopped by Oracle. Considering that some migration projects can take several years, that date will be here before you know it. In our recent Oracle Reports blog posts, our experts have presented the two most popular Reports alternatives with their advantages and disadvantages: JasperReports and Oracle BI Publisher.

Many of our readers have asked their own question about Reports alternatives. Since many IT managers are probably facing the same questions regarding their Reports migration, we would like to offer you a decision-making help with the following Q&A overview.

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Which Oracle Reports alternatives are there?

Are known about 20 alternatives, such. Eg JasperReports, BI Publisher, PL / PDF, APEX Office Print, Eclipse BIRT, Cognos Report, Business Objects, PHP Java Script, Java XML, Pentaho etc.

How expensive is a Report Migration?

There can be very different costs for a report migration. This depends, among other things, on the complexity of the reports. Only after a detailed migration analysis is it possible for us to estimate the costs for the report migration.

What is the performance of the alternatives?

For the performance of the alternatives, the complexity and size of the reports and the hardware play an important role. The performance of the BI Publisher depends on the dimensioning of the Reporting Server. This one must not have too little RAM.

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What security features do the alternatives offer?

The security features can vary from tool to tool.

Can I convert existing reports 1: 1 into a new tool?

With the help of our report Replacer Kits, we are able to perform a pixel-accurate migration from Oracle Reports to the target technology, thereby transferring all functionalities. On an architectural level, however, a 1: 1 migration is not possible (or intended).

For the alternatives, as is the case with Oracle reports, are there ways to work with link calls, Java servlets, and DB jobs to call up ready-made reports, run SQL queries, and see the result as a PDF in the browser display, save in the file system or send by email to the recipient?

All these possibilities exist through the JAVA API.

Which alternatives does PITSS favor and why?

We believe that JasperReports and BI Publisher are the best alternatives to discontinued reporting. The two score with a simple integration into forms and integration into other applications. In addition, they deliver an unmatched range of functions. In our free white paper ” Jasper Reports Vs. BI Publisher “we contrast the two technologies in detail.

How can I convert current reports?

It depends on the application complexity and specification. This can only be judged accurately after a detailed analysis of the application.

What is the hassle of porting from the current Oracle Reports to the new solution?

It depends on the application complexity and specification. This can only be judged accurately after a detailed analysis of the application.

Is there an automatic migration to BI Publisher?

Although Oracle offers a migration wizard, it still needs some rework.

Which alternative is suitable for whom?

For most customers, we recommend JasperReports or BI Publisher, but another alternative might be more appropriate for you. At this point, our migration analysis, which provides a holistic view of the application to be replaced, is ideal.

What role does APEX play in replacing Oracle Reports?

Interactive reports are a possibility in APEX, but not suitable for printing.

How is a report call made from Forms using JasperReports and how is the database user or session transferred?

The DB user can not be transferred without further ado.

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What does the migration process look like?

For us at PITSS, the migration process starts before the actual migration. This includes an analysis of your reports or the current report environment, dead code cleanup and moving the business logic into the database. In the recording of webinar “Oracle Reports – The strongest alternatives” we declare from minute 31:45 the exact migration process with PITSS.CON.

Which Oracle license costs arise from a report migration? How are these calculated?

Again, it depends on the target technology. To determine this, a detailed analysis is needed.

Are there any reporting systems without Oracle connection?

Yes there is. An example would be JasperReports.

What's Better - Migration to BI Publisher or JasperReports?

It depends on your individual situation.

What happens when migrating from the Reports Buttons and Graphics?

The new target technology provides sufficient solutions and has significantly more graphical capabilities than Oracle Reports.

Which product is most suitable for a form / report combination?

JasperReports and BI Publisher are best suited for this.

Are there any solutions to convert the Oracle Reports XML descriptions partly automated to Jasper Reports XML descriptions?

For this we have developed our own solution – the Reports Migration Kit. More information will follow soon.

Is the Jasper library only for Java or for .NET?

The Jasper Library is available for Java only.

Does JasperReports support the ZUGFeRD format?

No, this format is not supported by JasperReports.

Does JasperReports support Repeated Frames?

The task of repeating frames within Oracle Reports is to repeat this scope for each record in the group. Jasper Reports uses the detail band within the reports. In addition, Jasper Reports also offers the two components “list element” and “table element”, which perform similar tasks and can be used within the tapes. On a case-by-case basis, it’s important to decide which concept of Jasper Reports fits better with the task solved within Oracle Reports with repeating frames.

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What about BIRT as an alternative to reports?

Eclipse BIRT is a great alternative with Pixel Perfect Printing. BIRT often comes in the decision-making process in the final selection, but usually fails because of the lack of development, ie the investment security is not given.

What experiences are there with PL / PDF?

PL / PDF is an alternative that is becoming increasingly important. The tool shows its strengths above all if a manageable number of well-defined reports is to be created.

Is there a solution for direct printing from forms?

This is not possible without a tool.

Is the Oracle Reports Discontinuation definitive until 2023?

Yes, that’s the Oracle Statement of Direction.

How can I replace buttons in reports?

This is only an issue in old reports. For this you need a concept – a 1: 1 acquisition is not possible.
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