PITSS.CON 16.2.3 Certificate Expiration and Renewal Notice

Since PITSS.CON version 12.2.2, all jar files associated with PITSS.CON have been signed with trusted code signing certificates to ensure the tool will run with the latest JREs. However, starting on November 16, 2017, all PITSS.CON-related jar files will be expired. All PITSS.CON releases up through version 16.2.3 will be affected. The result is that end users will receive Java security warnings which users will need to acknowledge every time they launch PITSS.CON. If a newer JRE is used, there is the possibility that the jar files will be blocked which will result in PITSS.CON not running at all.

PITSS has recently signed all jar files affiliated with PITSS.CON with new trusted code signing certificates which are valid until November 2020. Please contact PITSS to request new jar files for PITSS.CON which will have the renewed certificates. If you are currently covered under a PITSS.CON support maintenance agreement, you will be provided details to download the jar files from PITSS’ secure FTP server.

After the jar files are downloaded, you will need to apply the following steps to update the jar files:

  1. Make sure all users are logged out of PITSS.CON.
  2. Extract both zip files. One folder will contain jacob.jar and the other folder will contain all the PITSS.CON jar files.
  3. Go to the PitssJava folder (located in a directory such as C:\pitsscon) and move all existing jar files except for frmwebutil.jar into a backup folder (you may need to create this backup folder first).
  4. Paste the jar files into this location.
  5. Copy jacob.jar to your %ORACLE_HOME%\forms\java folder. It is recommended to make a backup of the existing jacob.jar first.
  6. Restart WLS_FORMS.

After completing the steps above, you should not encounter any problems launching PITSS.CON with regards to the jar file certificates.

NOTE: If you are using a PITSS.CON version older than 16.2.3, please contact PITSS today to assist you with upgrading your PITSS.CON release to the latest version. If you have PITSS.CON 16.2.3 installed in your server after November 16, 2017, your jar files should already be signed with the latest certificates. In addition, all future releases and patches of PITSS.CON will automatically have the updated jar files.