Why Does Our Company Need a Digital Transformation Project Manager?

What does a digital transformation project manager do?

Digital transformation efforts certainly need a project manager. Since most customers have never gone through the entire process, they aren’t full aware of the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities. However, project managers at PITSS have this experience. As they have already been through these steps, our project managers understand the high-level processes and details needed to successfully complete a project. Because a project manager is responsible to ensure the successful delivery of projects for customers, they need to connect to the project at every level. Unfortunately, customers tend to focus on how to accomplish a digital transformation project. Project managers keep clients focused on the why, as well.

First, our digital transformation project manager works with an architect to identify a customer’s needs. Then, they plot out the project scope. Next, they guide the long-term goals and vision. Finally, using a plan and objective, the project manager helps the customer determine their start and end points. Together with our entire team, the project manager and customer figure out the best way to get there. One major responsibility of a digital transformation project manager is to keep projects moving, under budget, and on-time. They do this by managing all team members, delegating tasks, and optimizing development processes.

How Do Digital Transformation Project Managers Work?

At PITSS, our full-service Oracle development team uses the Agile development methodology. Our team works on a sprint-by-sprint basis to determine and tackle business needs. A PITSS digital transformation project manager hosts meetings to check in on progress, assign tasks, and compare development progress to the overall project goals. A project manager needs excellent problem solving and delegation skills. They have to collaborate with team members of all levels, including decision makers and tech leads. Because they’re working on a variety of tasks at one time, project managers need to be organized, understand scope, and have unique vision and insight into a customer’s needs. The best part of being a digital transformation project manager at PITSS is seeing a product through to the end. Working with the team is rewarding. It feels great to accomplish huge projects that matter to a business.

AUTHOR: Gavin Woods – Consulting Director

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