PITSS.CON 16.2.3 is out now!

New features, bug fixes, and an improved parser make PITSS.CON more attractive than ever.

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The newest release (version 16.2.3.) of our PITSS.CON code analysis tool is available now.

In addition to several bug fixes, in PITSS.CON 16.2.3 we improved parsing, which now has a precision rate of 98%. Many new features and extensions that lead to better results are now available to PITSS.CON customers. Overall, the new release stands out with improved performance that is easy to implement.

Highlights of the PITSS.CON 16.2.3 Release

Systems Analysis

The graphical flows generated by the Systems Analysis module can be further customized to include or exclude certain data and create more flexible, useful analyses results.

User Stories

New extensions have been added to the user stories functionality including a check, silent recording, and extending user story recording to other Forms objects.


The APEX Diff has been further extended to give more information on internal IDs and help developers easily identify differences between various APEX applications.

BL Assistant

New reporting functionalities have been created for the BL Assistant and the Reports2DI assessment for pools.

Source Control

Source Control has received a few new custom options to sort version labels.

Bug Fixes in
PITSS.CON 16.2.3


Application Analysis

— PIPDPC-1956, 1959, 1965, 1983: Extensions to PL/SQL parser syntax
— PIPDPC-1988: Application tree displaying duplicate procedure names
— PIPDPC-1985: Refreshing results tree for database objects
— PIPDPC-1986: Data Flow Analysis for table columns


Source Code Analytics

— PIPDPC-1966: Running Analytics against a pool of unused objects
— PIPDPC-2005: Generating analytics reports (“Unable to run report”)


User Stories

— PIPDPC-2009: Running User Story injections against a pool of objects

Source Control

— PIPDPC-1955: Source Control calendar displaying German texts for days and buttons

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