Oracle Forms to ADF

Using open source ADF technology for Java development in Oracle Forms.

Convert Your Applications from Oracle Forms to ADF

It’s time to reconsider your Oracle Forms strategy in order to meet changing user demands, fluctuating business needs, and future opportunities. In order to keep up with these digital changes, your legacy Oracle Forms applications will need to interact with wide variety of new interfaces, services, and platforms.

We use Oracle Forms to ADF conversion to break down monolithic Oracle Forms apps into easily reusable components using our PITSS.CON static code analysis tool. After extracting crucial business logic, we’re able to use these components to quickly convert your applications from Oracle Forms to ADF, saving your organization time and money.

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One who intends to step inside the world of Java cannot avoid Oracle ADF.  Oracle ADF is an Application Development Framework comprised of a framework as well as an efficient development kit for the creation of complex management applications.

1. Advantages of Oracle ADF

With ADF the developer has a variety of immediately applicable and tested Web 2.0 components to create a user interface, as well as strong components to seamlessly connect to databases and web services.

End users can personalize the user interface themselves by means of a special module. The support for easy application use includes a separate mode for screen reader, as well as high-contrast and font enlargement profiles.

The high-performance development kit offers tools to implement Java applications. Oracle ADF enables the integration of a 4-layer-architecture with all imaginable data sources in applications for any end devices including web and mobile. Java Enterprise Edition Standard is the basis, and combined with ADF Faces, it is the most detailed library of JSF components available.

2. The Most Important Facts Regarding ADF


Multilayer architecture on the basis of JAVA EE standard


Connection with any data sources thanks to Business Service Layer


Data Control and Data Binding in Model Layer


Management of Application Flow by means of ADF Controller


Detailed library of JSF components in ADF faces


ADF mobile for the use via mobile end devices


Seamless integration in Oracle SOA & BPM Suite


Center development by means of Oracle JDeveloper

3. Oracle ADF Essentials

The continuous Java EE Framework Oracle ADF Essentials is available for free on Open Source Servers for the implementation as well as the service of Java applications – a fact that some of our customers appreciate. The use of this tested technology considerably accelerates the development.

ADF Essentials offers the following technology components:

Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Components: More than 150 JSF modules facilitate the creation of Web interfaces – these include the ADF Data Visualization Tools .

— Oracle ADF Controller: For the implementation of complete reusable process flows and accordance with dynamic regions with changing contents in homepages the JSF Controller has been upgraded.

— Oracle ADF Binding: With this layer, the integration of user interface and Business Service are facilitated.

— Oracle ADF Business Components: This layer facilitates thanks to reusable modules the realization of data based Business Services.

The strong, scalable and reliable platform Java EE is the standard and basis of many of today’s enterprise applications. The Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) – the innovative Java EE development framework – simplifies the development considerably.

Thorsten Staude

Sales Manager (Region North), PITSS GmbH

4. The 6 Core Properties of Oracle ADF

Those who intend to develop Java Enterprise applications want them to be as simple, visual, declarative and efficient as possible. For that person, Oracle ADF is a highly interesting option. With ADF the professional Java development gets more efficient than ever before.


Integrated Java EE framework for complete business applications

Highly Productive

Declarative environment as well as predefined modules


Based on Java Enterprise Edition Standard (Java EE)


Flexible during the connection of legacy applications and end device types

Up to Date

Adapted to the integration in Oracle SOA and BPM environments


Accelerates and simplifies the Java based application development

5. Oracle MAF (Former ADF Mobile)

The Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) is a plugin for the development environment JDeveloper as well as Oracle’s Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.

It supports the implementation of Cross Platform Apps on smartphones and tablets, which become today increasingly vital for modern business applications.

The framework contains approx. 80 prefabricated modules for the user interface and it supports Apache Cordova by means of Plug-Ins.

It simplifies the development of hybrid Apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone on the basis of HTML CSS and JavaScript and it is well-known in Open Source Development.

In connection with the mobile security suite it offers functionalities for App containerization, authentication and authorization as well as integrations with social networks.

The Most Important Facts Regarding Oracle MAF:

— Hybrid framework for realization of platform independent mobile applications

— Hybrid framework for realization of platform independent mobile applications

— Mobile standards (HTML5) and Java as technological basis

— Development for all end devices including iOS and Android by means of visual and declarative development approaches

— Native Device Services for phone, SMS, camera, GPS a.o. are easily accessible

— Data Control and Data Binding by means of SOAP and REST Interfaces

— SSO options and Access Control ensure an integrated Security Management

— end-to-end encryption guarantees security also in mobile applications

— Thanks to integrated SQLite data base data accesses, but also the offline use of Apps are supported

— Oracle Jdeveloper ensures a center development of mobile applications

— Development optionally with Java or JavaScript, Oracle, JDeveloper or Eclipse

— Simplified interface development with more than 80 predefined components

— Different mobile interfaces are operated by one application

6. Oracle Forms to ADF Migration

All applications need to meet the requirements of the digital age, even legacy Oracle Forms applications. Often the most logical step is a migration to a more current technology.

With ADF, Oracle provides a market-leading, future-proof and comfortable development environment. This makes it ideal for Oracle Forms to ADF migration.

Whether beginning an Oracle ADF development project or Oracle Forms to ADF migration, the most diverse requirements have to be considered, depending on whether you:

— Modernize and migrate existing Oracle Forms to ADF

— Develop applications completely new with Oracle ADF

— Or you intend to implement both worlds in a parallel manner

Our experienced consulting team supports you through the analysis and evaluation of your requirements, during the development of scenarios and implementation concepts, during the migration planning for your existing Forms applications, through qualifying of your employees, and in the practical implementation.

7. Oracle ADF Training

Oracle ADF first needs to be mastered like every other development tool for getting the maximum efficiency and possibilities. Our company has nearly 20 years of Oracle history; Oracle ADF is in our core area of expertise. For that reason, we offer a wide range of Oracle ADF training.

— Java Development Basics / Advanced

— Java Development Basics / Advanced

— Java EE Web Development Expert

— ADF Java & Web Basics

— ADF Development Basics / Advanced

— WebLogic-Server ADF for Administrators

— WebLogic-Server ADF for Developer


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