Out now: new PITSS.CON release 16.1

Jul 11, 2016

By releasing PITSS.CON 16.1, we are opening up further doors for developing your Oracle database applications. The focus of the new version is Oracle APEX and Oracle ADF.

One major strength of PITSS.CON is its technology independency. With a granularity and speed unmatched in the market, PITSS.CON analyzes the well-known Oracle platforms. Complex applications, e.g., in Oracle APEX, can be broken down in depth in a matter of minutes, including all dependencies, with subsequent recommendations for optimization.

With PITSS.CON, established platforms like Oracle Forms can master new technical and visual requirements and thereby become fit for the future. However, change can strategically make sense as well: our tool can extract your application’s business logic and, thus, it enables migration to modern platforms like Oracle ADF or Oracle APEX without losing the investment you have made.

APEX under control

In release 16.1, our developers expanded PITSS.CON’s concept of integrated analysis of Oracle database applications to APEX. With the analysis and reengineering processes, innovative features like APEX dependency flows are now possible. With these you can detect dependencies within an entire Oracle APEX application landscape. Moreover, searching and replacing APEX objects and properties can also be done across all applications. Another highlight is the Compare feature. Different versions of an APEX application or a single page can now be compared. And the icing on the cake: the new APEX user interface! PITSS.CON’s core functions now have an attractive user-friendly APEX interface.

Migration support

To handle the increasing number of migration projects, we equipped PITSS.CON 16.1 with a new management module. This makes it possible to assess cost and effort, measure progress on an agile points-based methodology, and print burn-down charts. To support migrations to Oracle ADF, we also built a new JDeveloper plug-in, helping ADF developers manage their migration process better.

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With PITSS.CON 16.1, the doors to your platform of the future are now wide open. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about your next steps.