How do you feel about the future of your legacy Oracle applications?

A legacy application is an older application program that is no longer supported, standardized, modern, or considered best of breed. They aren’t necessarily all bad. Many have paved the way for newer technologies. Legacy applications are the foundation of thousands of organizations across the globe.

However, as these applications age, they become harder to support, more difficult to maintain, harder to find talent to manage, and can even become less secure, opening your organization up to many risks.

If your organization relies on unsupported or legacy Oracle applications, it might be time to think about what’s next.

We surveyed more than 100 top CIOs, CTOs, architects, and developers on their confidence and strategies for the future of their legacy Oracle Forms-based applications.

Download this report now to read our findings and advice for your Oracle application modernization strategy.

60% of respondents said they do have a strategy for the future of their Oracle-based applications. You can’t afford to wait.

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