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Migrate expiring Oracle Reports applications to JasperReports

Stay supported

Oracle Reports support has expired. Moving to Jasper Reports secures your application is supported.

Most Used Technology

Jasper Reports is the most popular Open-Source Reporting Framework.

Powerful Reporting Tool

Jasper Reports is based on Java and can easily extend. It uses subreports for better maintainability and has many flexible components.

What TIBCO and Customers say about Jasper Reports


TIBCO Jaspersoft® embedded analytics software is the most flexible, customizable, and developer-friendly business intelligence platform in the world.


For us Jasper Reports is the ideal technology to replace Oracle Reports. PITSS helped us with the technology selection and guided us through the migration project. At each stage of the project, the PITSS team showed us which innovations would be useful for us and we were able to decide what to adopt. PITSS really did a great job.

TIBCO Jaspersoft

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PITSS Research

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#Simplifying Complexity

With our Application Data Cube we cover and dissolve any kind of complexity of your existing Reports Software. You get the whole picture of the migration from the very first moment, without skipping a single line of code or property.

#Legacy Code Matters

We save the investments in your legacy Oracle Reports by extracting all relevant and helpful artefacts into the new Jasper Reports development. You decide: Keep it or leave it – from top to bottom.

#More Than Migration

From a performant and reusable data model to a consistent layout with your CD, the Application Data Cube allows refactoring and adjustments on the migration track.
Use the benefits in migration while moving to a supported environment

The Modernization Track

The right way to modernize

Store IT!

Play IT!

Change IT!

Deploy IT!

Run IT!

Your benefits and success at a glance

Speed Process

With our intelligent Application Data Cube we generate as many artefacts as possible. You’ll get the most performant springboard for your start into Jasper Reports development.

Free of choice

The migration allows you to automatically insert your libraries, using your templates, creating new styles, harmonizing fonts, sizes, colors – all within the migration track.

Follows Best Practices

No one will see that the source once belonged to an old-fashioned Oracle Report. The intelligent Application Data Cube follows best practices and advice helpful styles and where to use subreports.
Find your best JasperReports Migration entry point to APEX from where you are!

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Live Experience Workshop
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Try the real migration taste – take one cluster to Jasper Reports
You want to learn more about Jasper Reports and whether it is the right technology for you?
Die PITSS.CON Analyse steht vor allem für Effizienz
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Oracle Reports to TIBCO Jasper Reports for Dummies. The 4 step migration path from legacy to modern reporting. For IT managers, enterprise architects, infrastructure administrators, technology executives…


Reports Replacer Kit – migrate easier
The ultimate software tool that supports you from technology selection through project and budget planning to automated migration of your Oracle reports


Moving from Oracle Reports to Jasper Reports
In this webcast we show you the possibilities of the Reports Replacer Kit. We’ll look at best practice examples of Object Mapping and explain the configuration options that make it easy to generate reports in Jasper using a real-time migration.


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