Reports Replacer Kit

Replace Oracle Reports quickly and easily.

PITSS wins Oracle Cloud Accelerator Program with Reports Replacer Kit Offering

Reports Replacement by the first intelligent migration tool.

Minimize risk through innovative semi-automatic Reports migration. Optimize your business processes through guided step-by-step implementation. Break up and transform your software architecture into state-of-the-art technology.

Compared to a traditional, non-tool-based migration, upgrading using the Reports Replacer Kit can reduce the overall migration overhead to around one-third. As a result, the elimination of manually migrated modules significantly increases the quality of the migration result.

Know what you’re buying with the Reports Replacer Kit!

Advice and research is great and all. But would’t it be better if you could try out tools in practice even before you begin a migration project? For the first time, you have the opportunity to do so with the Reports Replacer Kit. Test this industry-leading technology alternative before you make the plunge. This offer gives you an even more information about your migration efforts, all while minimizing risk.

The “minimax principle” does not exist?

That’s exactly what we refute with a migration with the Report Replacer KIT. The innovative automated migration minimizes all common project risks while maximizing efficiency and time savings without sacrificing a single quality factor for a successful migration project!


Data Model

Our converter migrates almost the entire data model. Result: The architecture base for the application looks more custom and will be easy to maintain and expand in the coming years.


User Interface

All objects with a unique correspondent in the new technology will be migrated. For objects that do not have a clear target correspondent, workarounds and manual fine-tuning are implemented.


Business Logic

30-50% of PL / SQL code is already eliminated during the preparation phase based on dead code and redundancy analysis. The remaining relevant logic is migrated to the database or to Java.

Keep an eye on your numbers!

Project and budget controlling functions of the Replacer Kits report keep a close eye on all the figures. You get full transparency about the project status and can easily recognize which components have which degree of complexity. In contrast to classic migration projects without Reports Replacer Kit, you’ll always have the full picture of your application.

Start a Reports migration project now.

You can decide if you need a pixel-perfect migrate or if it’s more important to implement new UI and features. With the help of the Reports Replacer Kit, we can migrate your Oracle Reports application in record time and with maximum quality to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to schedule an appointment today, and let’s lay the foundation for the replacement of your reports.

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