Comparing Oracle Forms Replacement Options [WHITEPAPER]

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For more than 20 years, Oracle Forms has been an early RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool for Oracle databases. Because of the ease and popularity of the technology, Oracle Forms has amassed a large customer base over the years.

Customer expectations are rising in our increasingly connected and diverse digital marketplace. Their demands for faster, better service means new business requirements are coming in to destabilize these legacy systems, and that mean organizations need new solutions to keep up.

In this whitepaper, as part of the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp, we explore different methodologies available for Oracle Forms Replacements, including the PITSS methodology of strategic modernization through business logic extraction and service layer architecture.

At AAR, we have 2 custom developed ERP applications that have been running on Oracle databases for many decades. These enterprise applications are trusted by the user community and they process millions of transactions every day, supporting our supply chain and aircraft maintenance operations.
“That being said, the monolithic architecture of these applications makes it difficult to separate the business logic and the data from the aging user interface. A service layer allows us to modernize the user interface of these applications without necessarily re-designing the business logic that is handled by the database layer.”

Serdar YorgancigilVice President, IT MRO Solutions at AAR CORP

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