Take the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp Throughout November

Learn how to prepare your organization for digital transformation.

Beginning November 1, join PITSS as we kick-off a full month of modernization readiness training.

Every business day throughout the month, we’ll send you a new tool, strategy, or deep insight, all aimed to help you get prepared to lead your organization to a digital transformation project.

Who Should Take the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp?

This month-long educational sprint is for technical leads all the way up to CIOs and decision makers of small, mid-size, and larger organizations in every industry. If you’re considering a modernization project for your legacy systems, this boot camp will provide value.

How long will it last?

The Modernization Readiness Boot Camp begins Nov. 1. New content will be released every business day through Nov. 30.

What will I take away from it?

We aim to provide value in each of our tools and insight. At the end of this sprint, you should be able to identify your organization’s challenges, opportunities, and overall legacy modernization readiness.

Jump Start Mondays

Agile Tuesdays

Market Share Wednesdays

Acceleration Thursdays

Cool-Down Fridays

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