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Being able to disrupt your market can be a big challenge – especially when it comes to building a workforce that can meet the needs of your organization’s future. This blog, as part of the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp, tackles the important question of how to bring digital disruptors to your enterprise.

Digital disruption is necessary for modern businesses. The key is to create an exciting, dynamic atmosphere where top digital disruptors flock. These types of employees are proactively building their portfolios with data skills, business sense, and clear enthusiasm to help organizations break out of their ruts.

What skills should a digital disruptor have?


Can see the big picture


Business and technology mindset


Advanced data and analytics skills


Customer and revenue focused


Positive attitude and forward-thinking personality

How do you attract top digital disruptors?

There are many ways to attract talent that will help your organization disrupt your market. The first questions to ask within your organization are: what are you trying to accomplish, what types of roles will help you accomplish this goal, and what opportunities and authority with you entrust to your disruptors? How can you invest in change within your enterprise? How are you going to help your existing staff and culture realize that you’re pivoting? How are you preparing them for new challenges?

Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions, then you can begin recruiting talent. Put together a job posting that answers the following questions:


What will the role be like, and what freedoms, opportunities, and authority will the role have?


What benefits are you willing to offer?


Are you placing an emphasis on new ideas?


How much importance will you place on education, skills, and experience?

Your company’s mission statement should express cutting-edge industry’s successful track record of agile development. Advertise that your recruits will join an enterprise that understands the benefits of developing in modern methodologies.

Place value on people who want to help and change. Showcase in job postings, on your website, on social media, and through PR that you’re implementing modern methodologies along with DevOps ,and that you’re a company that believes in what you’re preaching. Invest in projects that make disruptors and best of breed technologists want to be a part of your enterprise.

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