Walking the Walk

Why PITSS Underwent Our Own Digital Transformation

Since 1999, PITSS has been the leading provider of Oracle Forms and Reports updates and migrations. When asked why PITSS, customers note our years of experience and Oracle expertise.

This was our niche, and we were damn good at it.

By 2017, however, the digital landscape is shifting. Businesses are increasingly seeking new open source and cloud-based applications. They’re breaking away from the traditional IT infrastructure. PITSS knew it was time for a change.

This is why PITSS leadership took a deep look at our product offerings, solutions, and goals. After some difficult discussions, we decided on a new mission for our company. We seek to be the leader in digital transformation for legacy Oracle applications. As a result, our mission combines long-term Oracle expertise with a forward-thinking direction. Looking forward is crucial to businesses across the globe. PITSS is no different.

The only problem? Our own digital presence did not reflect this new direction. So, if you’re wondering why PITSS underwent our own transformation, here’s the answer. If we want to be a leader in digital transformation, we have to lead from within. Every organization that wants to undergo a digital transformation project needs to take a critical look at themselves in order to make positive changes. Compare the costs or diminishing returns of taking no action with the risks of updating or completely changing a business-critical system.

Two elements clearly show why PITSS needed immediate updates:


Our website hadn’t undergone a major refresh in more than 5 years. After a full site analysis, we determined that the navigation was convoluted. The content was bulky, and the overall goals of the site had to change to suit our updated mission statement.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Our shift in solutions and services meant we needed to target a new kind of customer. Now, we’re targeting business leaders seeking digital transformation for their Oracle based systems. This meant the way we acquire, nurture, and retain these customers needed an update.

The website update was the number one component of why PITSS chose to undergo our digital transformation. It serves as our storefront; potentially the first place a prospective customer interacts with us. Firstly, the website should function as an simple way to see what we do and how we do it, and be the easiest way to engage with our business. First, we determined goals for our new website to establish a baseline. We knew the website needed to change, but why? What metrics proved that point? Most companies squirm at the idea of sharing their failures with the public, let alone prospective customers. But we believe that the digital transformation roadmap includes an honest – and sometimes difficult – assessment of where systems are falling short. What better way to get this point across than to share some actual numbers?

Bounce Rate


In 2016, our sitewide average bounce rate was 82%. Considering we don’t have a high volume of organic traffic, this was a harsh reality. Most industry benchmarks indicate that a higher than 70% bounce rate is considered poor. Thus, we believed most bounces were a result of the highly technical site content and overly complicated navigation.

  • The Fix – PITSS simplified our navigation and created more relevant content. Next, we targeted this new content to our new buyer personas. As a result, we hope to improve bounce rate by a minimum of 10% over 2017.

PITSS lost more than 100k sessions to our high bounce rate in 2016. Because customer acquisition and retention are major goals of our digital transformation, we had lots of work to do to attract, engage, and convert new leads from our site.

  • The Fix – We added simple capture forms throughout the site. After capturing data in a better way, we feed it into a brand new CRM system. Now we can begin to understand who our potential customers are, what they’re looking for, and find ways to help them achieve their digital transformation goals the moment they engage with our site.

Lost Leads

100k Sessions

Site Speed


Due to our outdated site design, our site was not optimized for desktop or mobile performance. This was another possible reason for our high bounce rate. Since we know that as much as 74% of US internet usage will be on mobile, we need a site that accomplishes our goals on both mobile and desktop. This goal is more important now than ever.

  • The Fix – We chose a fully optimized theme that allows us to dump unnecessary plugins. Now our images compress automatically, and we easily create an overall more beautiful site design.

So what’s next for PITSS?

Now that version one of the brand new PITSS.com is up and running, we’re looking ahead. In the digital transformation world, however, you’re never actually ahead of the curve. Just when you think you are, you can find yourself 10 steps behind. That’s why PITSS is focused on continuously improving our mobile experience, lowering our bounce rate, and optimizing our site design. All of this while providing highly relevant content that will attract customers in industries from manufacturing, to retail, to government and healthcare.

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Why PITSS Underwent Our Own Digital Transformation

Since 1999, PITSS has been the leading provider of Oracle Forms and Reports updates and migrations. When asked why PITSS, customers note our years of experience and Oracle expertise. This was our niche, and we were damn good at it. By 2017, however, the digital...
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