Many organizations using older versions of Oracle Forms are overlooking more functionality, better convenience and lower maintenance costs. With more organizations favoring web and service-oriented architecture, lone Oracle Forms applications can seriously hamper innovation and efficiency.

With Oracle Forms migration, organizations can:


Use new features and enhancements


Enhance performance and scalability


Enable easier integration with other products


Ensure compatibility with newer Oracle products and higher level of security


Leverage a common application server


Take advantage of uninterrupted support

Having worked with Oracle Forms for nearly 20 years, PITSS knows Oracle Forms inside out. Chances are that your organization does too. You probably even know all of its pros and cons better than its creators, solely because you work with it day-to-day. That’s why it can be difficult to imagine migrating to another technology.

Yes, there are other tools that claim to convert Oracle Forms to ADF or APEX or even HTML5/Javascript based frameworks in just a click. Truthfully, these automatic, one-click tools will cost you more in the long-run in wasted time, errors, and poor user experience. Try converting an Oracle EBS Order Entry Screen with a self-proclaimed “automatic migration tool” and you will agree. It isn’t so easy.

First of all, the very thought of converting Oracle Forms to a different technology as-is is simply the wrong decision. The entire task is an expensive and time-consuming effort for poor results. Most of the transactional forms are old-fashioned and designed with 20 year old technology, but without the end user experience and efficiency in mind.

So it is better to leave them alone for as long as they work. In cases you absolutely want to redo the Oracle forms, it is advisable to plan a proper migration to leverage the latest and greatest technology, that can probably be maintained for another 20 years.

However when you have worked on something for almost two decades you really can’t let it go nor can you risk your business by continuing with it. So we found better way.

What should you know before migrating?

Your company is dubious whether to migrate its Oracle Forms to some of the newer technologies like Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)? There are many question marks such as:


Manual or automatic migration?


Migration to ADF, Java or .Net?


How much will it cost?


Will the users like the end result?


How much time will it take?


Do Oracle Forms developers need to learn Java?

When you take these in consideration you can reach a good approximation of effort needed. However there are certain things that cannot be measured, such as how complex the custom logic is, how complex is the relationship between master-detail records, etc.
Imagine how good it will be if there is a semi-automated tool which can predict with an accuracy of 80% (because of the mentioned above) how long will the migration normally take.

Knowing the rates you can then make a really good prediction on how much it will cost you with a deviation of 20%. You will download the software for free, will upload the Oracle Forms and it will come up with the results based on the variables inside. The software will be written by highly experienced professionals that have migrated hundreds of Oracle Forms manually.

Oracle Forms Migration Process

Migrate Oracle Forms applications with a semi-automated tool

Thankfully, customers with an investment in Oracle Forms wishing to upgrade and modernize their architecture have many options. PITSS provides comprehensive services to upgrade older Oracle Forms versions to the latest technologies. Organizations can also integrate Oracle Forms with other technologies on the Oracle stack, including Oracle ADF and Oracle Fusion Middleware. For this reason, PITSS has developed PITSS.CON, a semi-automated tool for effective migration without manual intervention. This tool enables systematic migration without any loss of data and design features.

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