RAILS Modernization Assessment

Let’s transform your legacy custom-built application.

Custom Application Modernization Engagement

When you engage the expert team at PITSS, you’re tapping into years of knowledge and expertise. From legacy Oracle Forms application development, to full digital transformation projects, our talented team members can help guide you through every step of your digital transformation project. We will help you completely transform the critical systems that matter most to your business to save you time, money, and risk.

Use Case Process and Complexity Analysis


PITSS and Wells Fargo Rail have engaged in a conversation regarding your legacy RAILS application. We will conduct an in-dept assessment of your custom-built app. As a result of this engagement, Wells Fargo Rail will see:

Real Time Recordings

Use-Case Flow


Full Analysis Document

Software Complexity Assessment

Dependency Analysis

Actual Code Usage

Business Priorities and Vision


Analyzing the RAILS application is just the first step. Together, we’ll sit down with stakeholders and IT team members to get the full picture of your needs. Take the next step with PITSS to transform your business-critical system and we will discuss:

Business / Technical Value

Global, Distributed Performance

Technology Replacement Cost Savings

On-Prem vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid Deployment Options

Scalability and Fault Tolerance

Business Process Optimization

Future State Architecture and UI Recommendations


You’ve made it this far! Now we’ll provide recommendations for transforming the architecture and UI of your organization. When you get to this stage of an engagement with PITSS, we will review:

The Future State of Your Architecture


Options and Decisions from Prior Workshops


Recommendations of Vendors, Providers, Server Management, Libraries, and DevOps Processes

Architecture Improvement Options

Benefits of Business and Development Efficiency

Recommendations for Technology Choices

Opportunities Prioritization and Roadmap


Your transformation plans don’t stop here. PITSS can help you plan and achieve your application goals. Work with us to completely revolutionize your legacy system and we’ll show you:

Full RAILS Modernization Roadmap

Execution Strategy for Your Target Architecture


Features, Resources, Effort, and Phases Required for Success