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Hybrid Modernization of Oracle Forms with APEX

Modernize smarter with a mix of both worlds

What you will learn in this webinar

Outdated legacy applications are the greatest threats to companies’ productivity and revenue. But migrating and modernizing legacy applications can be costly, inefficient and often take years.

How to perform a cost-effective, stress- and risk-free modernization?

We recommend a step-by-step migration and a coexistence of Oracle Forms and APEX.

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  1. Jayson Hanes, APEX Principal Product Manager at Oracle about the new features of the latest APEX version 22.1

    New Functionality, New and Updated Components, PWA and User Experience, Additional Features:

    Export Application Meta Data in JSON/YAML format for human readability
    Tokenized Search
    Region Order By Item
    Faceted Search Enhancement
    Markdown and Rich Text Editor Enhancements
    REST Sources Support for REST Enable SQL Query
    Persistent Authentication
    Uninized Searchversal Theme Updates
    Simplified Page Creation
    Data Generator
    File URLs Enhancements

    2. Stephan La Rocca, Senior Consultant at PITSS about the smooth migration to APEX with coexistence of Oracle Forms and APEX

    Identifying and creating common ground and benefit symbiotically from both worlds:

    Common Database
    PL/SQL to Database
    Identify Candidates
    Replace Context with Parameters
    Replace possible BuiltIns
    Change Calling Interface
    Check Dependencies
    Profit from cross functionalities
    Remove Redundancies and Unused Objects
    Generate Business Processes in Forms to APEX
    Optimizing and Designing of your new APEX
    Run Forms & APEX together