Why Web Services Are Important to Digital Transformation Projects

What does it mean to be full service software development?

At PITSS, being full-service means that we offer web services solutions as part of our digital transformation offerings. Web services enable communication between applications over the web. They provide standard protocol and format for communication. We use web services because they provide platform-independent communication. Web services are used as a service provider which develops the application (web service) and makes it available over the internet (web). A client who consumes these web services sends a request to the server, and the server processes the request to send back the response. To enable this communication we need both a medium (HTTP/Internet) and a format (XML/JSON). The web services are implemented into two major types:

  • SOAP (Simple Oriented Access Protocol)
    • HTTP POST is the medium and XML will be the only format
  • REST (REpresentational State Transfer)
    • It can use many mediums like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc.
    • The format can be XML, JSON, and TEXT etc.

In today’s business environment, timely access to information is vital for an organization to thrive and be successful. More than ever, business systems need the ability to connect, send, and receive data in fast, high-performance ways. This need is where digital transformation comes in. Integrating line of business software applications has traditionally been expensive, time consuming, and ineffective. This has tangible business costs and causes frustration among users, business managers, and technical staff. For Example, a company ABC which has a huge data in their database works with another company XYZ who develops an application for company ABC. Getting these various databases and applications to speak a common language is not so easy. Using web services as an integration strategy helps organizations of all sizes to maximize productivity. When creating software applications that provide an easy to use experience, employees will embrace technology and this will create more efficient workers. Also when the integration is not proprietary and open, this reduces the risk involved with being locked into one particular technology provider. There are many business benefits of web services such as improving efficiency by reducing the time to integrate any application. Developing new applications can be faster. Developers have the flexibility to develop different application versions rather than a single application version release. This flexibility allows easy and secure web service access remotely and is one of the major benefits for digital transformation customers at PITSS.

AUTHOR: Rakesh Attuluru - Web Services

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