Top 4 Modern Reporting Software Features

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The industry expectations and demands for new reporting tools are high. However, it’s interesting to know which features of modern reporting solutions are particularly important to users. This insight can be useful for migration planning and setting priorities within your organization.

We conducted a survey of the participants of a recent webinar and blog readers about what they expect from modern reporting tools. Here are the results.

Maintenance and Development Friendly

As many as 90 percent of respondents agree: a reporting application should be as easy to maintain as possible and new features should be easy to implement.

This highlights the biggest pain point for Oracle Reports developers while providing a statement for the future of reporting. Instead of devoting several days to layout design, developers place a high value on intuitive features and easier application administration.



Appealing and Modern UI

After development friendliness, 64 percent of the report users responded that a modern and visually appealing user interface plays the most important role.

A modern UI should not only provide an intuitive interface. An important feature of contemporary reporting software is attractive, at-a-glance data presentation in simple diagrams and graphics. This ensures a better user experience and meets more users’ expectations.

Business Intelligence Functionalities

A slightly less important role seems to be Business Intelligence—only 39 percent of respondents believe that BI functionalities are critical to choosing a reporting application.

Above all, modern Business Intelligence features fulfill two essential tasks that didn’t necessarily exist with Oracle Reports. However, modern reporting tools make ad-hoc queries possible, allowing data queries to be immediate and up-to-the-minute.



Pixel-Perfect Reports

Complete, pixel-precise control over the print output is what 35 percent of survey participants expect. With a pixel-perfect report, the control of layout and appearance at the pixel level is possible. This way, aesthetically flawless reports can be created according to exact specifications for font size, image positioning, color and more.

While for most Oracle Reports developers, layouts are likely to be one of the least popular needs, and they are greatly relieved by pixel-by-pixel rendering. After all, there are cases where pixel perfect reports are mandatory. This applies in particular to companies whose reports must meet certain legal requirements. This explains the comparatively low importance of this function in our survey.

Yes, reporting has a future.

State-of-the-art reporting technology can open up countless new opportunities for an enterprise. Modern reporting plays an increasingly important role in the business processes of every enterprise, and is a crucial part of any digital transformation strategy. Your enterprise simply needs to determine what modern reporting features are important to you.

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