Stay tuned with Oracle Forms

Update to the latest Oracle Forms Version and benefit from all features

Oracle Forms can still be a huge asset
you value code quality, documentation, the processes in it, and the latest version of Forms.

Oracle Forms is a true RAD Rapid Application Development tool that has dominated application development for so many companies and business-critical processes for the past three decades due to its declarative programming and proximity to the most powerful database.

Oracle Forms is challenged by many modern development frameworks. However, Forms can compensate for its monolithic architecture and age if you keep an eye on code quality, the separation of user interface and logic, the clarity of the processes implemented, and the currently supported Oracle Forms version.


Use new Functionality

Start Oracle Forms with FSAL, benefit from performance tuning of record management, smooth integration of BI Publisher, color schemes – stuff to improve your Application.

Open your App

Oracle Forms could be part of your journey to a modern software landscape based on cloud and microservices.

What Oracle and Customers say about Oracle Forms


Oracle:Oracle Forms produces powerful desktop applications delivered with the ease and scalability of a web application.”

MOL IT America, Moshe Ben Habib, Manager Database Administration: “With PITSS.CON we are going to save more than 30 man years of work for the upgrade to the latest Forms version alone. In addition to that we will have annual savings of hundreds of man days in development processes. So working together with PITSS is truly the best choice for us.



Community: Forms offered a unique declarative development approach well integrated with the Oracle database. As the Forms applications continue to function, there are less reasons for customers to consider alternatives”. Sohaib Abbasi, Former Oracle product Manager, RedStack magazine 2/2019



Oracle provides an easy upgrade path, depending on the version you start with. With our Application Data Cube, neither the size nor the complexity of your application matters.


The upgrade saves the complete investment in your source code – and our Application Data Cube identifies and changes those places, which are not upgrade compatible.


You could use the upgrade to improve your application on the fly – adjusting the color schema, resizing the layout, getting rid of technical debt – it’s a good chance to use this momentum.
Take of the upgrade when moving to a supported environment
Our unique Modernization Track
load whole legacy application

analyze whole legacy application & impact

transform with all results and goals to the latest Oracle Forms Release
get supported during your testphase and implement Forms New Features
work happily and successfully with your new Oralce Forms application

Easy Management

From tracking single Dependencies over mass replacing of code or properties until saving technical debt the Application Lifecycle Management is supported

Test Support

Testing the entire application is not as easy but we provide tools and managerial guidings to streamline this task

Comprehensive Analytics

Reams of metrics from code to architecture reflects the health of your application and helps to make your software better patch by patch.

Live Process Dashboard

With the process recording you identify how your application is used, performed and cover the business requirements. A unique approach in Forms Development.
One Step to Web

Easy upgrade for all applications running still on 6i or older

Application Analysis

Software analysis and maintainability advice

Upgrade to Forms 12c

Fix price upgrade to the latest Forms version

Operational Analysis

Process analysis to align software and business requirements

You want to learn more about APEX and whether it is the right technology for you?
Die PITSS.CON Analyse steht vor allem für Effizienz
[Webinar] Move & Improve Oracle Forms
With Michael Ferrante
Upgrading and optimizing give your Forms application a future. Michael Ferrante, Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle shows.


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