How a Tech Lead Helps Digital Transformation Projects

What does a digital transformation technical lead do?

During a typical project’s lifecycle, development may run into certain challenges that will need to be supported by team member who has a strong understanding of the business requirements along with a solid technical background of the products being used. This is where a technical lead comes in.

As a technical lead at PITSS, I’m responsible for ensuring our developers have a firm understanding of their assigned user stories. I also assist in technical challenges that the developers may run into during a digital transformation project.

Responsibilities of a Digital Transformation Technical Project Lead

My responsibilities also extend to ensuring that the developers’ work is abiding by our company’s development best practices. This ensures that the application’s source code is understandable and consistent for those who may join the project during its development lifecycle, as well as the client who will typically support the application in the long term. Continuous Integration is a must-have to ensuring our digital transformation success.

As a technical lead, I ensure that our development process is as automated as possible, which increases our efficiency of development which in-turn increases developer productivity.

Finally, I also work closely with the client on a regular basis. This typically requires discussions with both the business who drives the requirements, as well as the technical department which allows us to establish technical requirements for our developers to complete their tasks. This also serves to find any gaps in the project’s expectations and the client’s legacy applications.

Best Part of Being a Tech Lead for Digital Transformation Projects

What I enjoy most about my role as a tech lead at PITSS is the ability to have a 360 perspective of the project from both the business and technical standpoints. Being able to coordinate these two aspects, and seeing the result of a fully-functioning application throughout the digital transformation process is very satisfying.

AUTHOR: Alex Walworth - Technical Lead

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