Technology and Platform

Work with us to plan your legacy system migration strategy. We’ll help your organization choose the best tools, technologies, and platforms for the job.

Maximize Your Potential

Has the platform that you’ve chosen has limited your organization? Are you looking to grow and take advantage of more modern technologies and opportunities? Let us expand your current capabilities with a new technology or platform. Our expertise can help you pave the way for a complete technology or platform change that will open up your business for better integration, more functionality, and the chance for more rapid growth. With our help, together we can create a solid strategy to choose and implement the right tech or platform for your business.

Technologies and processes these we specialize in include:

Java, Spring, Angular, Node.JS, Agile Development, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Automated Code Review, and Mean Stack Development

Have you seen the performance of your legacy systems deteriorate over time?

Are you spending more on maintenance costs or facing limitations of older software? Does your organization worry about possible data loss or security risks? Avoid these problems and reduce maintenance costs by utilizing legacy system migration solutions from PITSS.

Our highly skilled team offers legacy system migration planning, development, and deployment. Our legacy software migration experts will help your organization select the right technology and platform to modernize your legacy systems. We study your legacy system database, architecture, and complete user experience. After performing this detailed analysis of your existing system and code, then prepare a complete migration strategy to get you where you need to go.

With a legacy system migration, you’ll see these benefits:


Lower maintenance costs


Data loss prevention


Better performance


Fewer technical limitations


More integration capabilities


Fewer risks

Legacy System Integration

As businesses are looking to grow and expand, legacy system integration can help connect their business-critical applications with new technologies, web and mobiles apps, and the cloud.

While legacy systems can sometimes be old and inflexible, PITSS can help you breakaway with legacy system integration that meets your toughest business challenges.

Your organization’s legacy systems can not only cost more in the long run to maintain and support, they can hold your organization back from growth and the ability to meet changing market demand and customer expectations. However, integration can provide end users with access to the latest technology and best in breed user experience.

When you migrate or modernize to the best technologies, you get the benefit of lessons learned from the IT industry that are built into the newest framework. They’re considered best of breed technologies and platforms for a reason. They’ve gotten to this point because of years of optimization, testing, and deployment at scale.

A big reason to migrate your legacy system to a new platform is because if you don’t do it, your competitors already are. It’s a risk to not stay at the bleeding edge of technology. Don’t let your organization risk lost market share, customers, users, and ultimately revenue.

PITSS offers modern solutions to legacy system integration, connecting your business with modern technology and platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and more. When you partner with us, you’ll see savings in legacy system integration:


We have years of expertise and proprietary analysis tools that set us apart and allow us to complete project more quickly.


Our expert team of architects, project managers, and developers are committed to keeping costs down.


Because we’re working with your existing legacy system infrastructure, we lessen the risk of completely starting from scratch.

We specialize in modernizing legacy systems to allow them to work with platforms such as:

Open Source

Meet our team to see how we can transform the systems that matter most to your business.