Oracle EBS and Oracle ERP Solutions

Tackling an ERP upgrade, migration, or re-engineering project is a daunting task. At PITSS, we’re proud to offer new solutions for Oracle EBS customers.

PITSS can help you achieve a successful EBS to Cloud migration.

Strategic EBS Modernization

Applications come and go, but databases are another story. Especially when your ERP is EBusiness Suite, you’ll find that getting a cutting-edge mobile experience or a new customer portal is about more than connecting a few new APIs to your existing Oracle database.

The key is to draw the line around the EBS features you truly need to support new applications. You really can modernize just what you need to effectively run your organization.

At PITSS, we’ve unlocked the essential elements of a successful EBS modernization. With our proprietary methodology, we keep a close eye on the critical factors of success:


How much of your EBS installation is actually in use


How those customizations hold you up or hold you back from digital transformation


How to lay a strategic road map to connect your current EBS to the future architecture you need


Where the most critical features are in the code


How much of your EBS installation is actually in use


How ready you are to support the new infrastructure that tomorrow’s apps will demand

A strategic EBS modernization begins with a call to a Solutions Architect. Once we’re familiar with your needs, we can get you moving toward the modernized EBusiness Suite installation you need.

EBS Migration to Cloud

Oracle Cloud Services now supports EBusiness Suite. Nadia Bendjedou, Oracle’s Senior Director of Product Strategy for E-Business Suite, is spearheading a new Oracle Cloud Services-based migration pathway for EBS. But what if your on-premise installation has years of customization? Not a problem.

Our industry-leading migration process uses PITSS.CON, our software that converts all your EBS customizations into code that is friendly to the Oracle Cloud. Contact us to get a free consultation on the costs of migrating your EBS code and customizations with our proprietary methodology.

Not convinced? Try the new Oracle Cloud TCO Calculator and get a sense of how much you can save by migrating your EBS database to the Oracle Cloud.

We’ve just published the essential business guide for Oracle EBS. Learn why EBS matters to your enterprise and your future.

Business Logic Extraction

When modernizing your on-premise ERP isn’t right, and migrating to the cloud won’t do, then sometimes you just need to extract your customizations from your EBusiness Suite entirely. We call this process Business Logic Extraction, and for 10 years it has been a solid tool in our toolbox.

PITSS can help you get the features you need out of your EBS and into the ERP strategy you need for the future. Our EBS-focused Business Logic Extraction engagement gives you rich opportunities:

Separate your data from the EBS runtime and all its required infrastructure


Write a DAL or transactional API layer and call your extracted logic via REST, SOAP, or PLSQL interfaces


Preserve your EBS while making its core features available to outside systems with minimal rearchitecture

Learn more about our custom Business Logic Extraction engagement.

Meet our team to see how we can transform the systems that matter most to your business.

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