We know that businesses are pressing their infrastructure to operate at increasingly higher speeds with more efficiency. That means they expect their infrastructure to be agile enough to adapt to rapidly changing customers and demand. To stay competitive in a shifting digital world requires organizations to predict these changes before they even happen with flexible infrastructure.

PITSS enables organizations to take their legacy infrastructure in this new direction. We help organizations become more ready to deliver services and unlock more capabilities than ever before. Our services, solutions, and expert team helps organizations in every industry meet success with better, faster infrastructure.

PITSS provides our clients with infrastructure and IT services that are:





Database and Middleware

PITSS works with Middleware to enable the new components to communicate with and manage data within your legacy systems. Middleware simplifies complex legacy applications and includes web servers, application servers, messaging apps and similar tools for app delivery. The ability to utilize Middleware with legacy software is especially important to take advantage of technologies like XML, SOAP, Web services, and more.

At PITSS, we create a service-layer architecture using our proprietary code analysis software. Then, we use middleware technology to communicate the data and transactional information between the underlying data source through to the front-end user experience.

By enabling this architecture, you’re able to create a flexible relationship between your front-end and back-end environments. This allows you to easily migrate from different technologies when needed, which keeps you from being stuck in one particular framework.

One underestimated benefit with flexible front-end technologies is that you’ll have a development tool that allows you to tap into a large talent pool. You’ll be able to choose developers who will bring your brand or business to life.









With PITSS, your operations will run smoothly. We manage both infrastructure and environments to support application deployment for end users, including network infrastructure, server management, device and hardware management, and more. We focus on cost savings and efficiency to empower our clients allow them to focus on deliver the best service possible to their end users.

Process of deploying applications into testing or production environments.

Contract with PITSS for managed application deployment into testing or production environments. You can be assured that our Operations process is a structured, autonomous process that is guaranteed to follow best practices with each iteration.

We utilize Continuous integration, which is for us the automatic deployment and testing process of every iteration of your application. CI allows us to ensure quality of each release. We can also focus on decreased testing time, increased efficiency, decreased cost of manual deployment labor.

Developers can focus on development, not deployment.






Managed Services

PITSS is a leader in managed services, especially for legacy Oracle systems. We understand complex IT setups, including on-prem, cloud, and hybrid. Our team is cost-effective and efficient, and understands that your infrastructure is at the heart of your organization. We’re ready to handle your organization’s critical systems and help them thrive through our years of experience and expertise.


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