Modern Enterprise Architecture Solutions

At PITSS, we develop and design software that meets all of the business, technical, and operational needs of your organization. Our team of architects and engineers have years of combined expertise in both modern technologies and legacy systems, allowing us to provide products with optimized quality, performance, security, scalability, and manageability for our clients.

Why is Enterprise Architecture Important?

Because enterprise applications are so important to a business, they must have a solid foundation. A PITSS, we use our expertise to consider key scenarios, common problems, and the long-term implications of key decisions.

Poor enterprise architecture comes with risks including higher costs, unstable software, apps that don’t support business requirements, software that’s difficult to deploy, or the inability to scale up to meet future demands.

We use modern tools, technologies, and platforms build your business-critical applications, but we also help build a strong foundation through planning, design, and establishing a solid roadmap. Our systems are designed with consideration for the end user, the infrastructure, and business goals.

Work with our experienced team of enterprise architects and designers to:

Identify and roadmap architecture goals


Anticipate constraints and potential issues

Save time, risks, and cost at every stage

Plan for the end-user and meet organizational needs

Operate at both business and developmental levels

Business Intelligence

Our BI services leverage years of your organization’s existing data. We transform your organizational data into intelligence that aids in making critical business decisions that will positively impact your business. Utilizing our special code analysis tools, our team of experts extract business logic, analyze code, and perform end-to-end use case analysis. Then, we help you use this BI to improve business processes and modernize your legacy systems.

UI/UX Design and Development

At PITSS, we’re proud develop and design attractive applications that are both functional and effective. First, utilizing our dynamic code analysis tool, we analyze how end users interact with the application. Then, we design an intuitive interface that is data-driven, ensuring that end users will have a finished product that helps them accomplish their goals.

We seek to deliver application solutions that are interactive, intuitive, flexible and meet your business needs. Our team works together with your organization throughout the entire process, delivering a beautiful finished product on time and within budget.







Full-Service Development

You need expert guidance for your legacy software digital transformation project. That’s where we come in.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications can cost your organiation time, money, and market share. Get ahead of these issues with a full modernization.

Success Stories

We’ve helped clients in a variety of industries. Organizations of all sizes have relied on our years of experience and knowledge.

Meet our team to see how we can transform the systems that matter most to your business.