Digital Government Strategy

PITSS is coming to Washington D.C. from September 18th to September 22nd to modernize legacy government systems. Let’s talk.

We seek to help local, state, and federal governments use their existing investments and legacy technology to improve citizens’ lives. From automation, to creating smart cities using IoT advancements, governments have the unique opportunity to use tech to improve everything from healthcare, to workplace efficiency, to providing services at every level.


When you work with PITSS on a digital government modernization strategy, you can accomplish so much more with your existing legacy applications:


Create IoT Smart Cities


Collect Data and Analytics


Utilize Automation


Improve Mobile Networks and Access


Improve Security


Integrate with Other Technologies

Partner with with PITSS to build a digital government strategy using your current investment in legacy systems to save money, time, and produce quality outcomes for your residents. You already have a solid foundation; we aim to modernize your systems so that you can deliver better data, technology, and services for less money and risk.

A strong digital government strategy improves the quality of services for Americans and advances governments at the local, state, and federal levels.

Meet with PITSS to discuss your digital government strategy.

Our digital transformation experts will be in Washington D.C. September 18-22. Fill out the form and we’ll schedule some time to discuss your modernization strategy.

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IT Security Spending in 2017

The Department of Defense Still Uses Floppy Disks. That’s why PITSS supports bill H.R. 2227 – the Modernizing Government Technology Act.


NATO is a special organization, yet no different than any other. The organization has scarce resources for software development. PITSS offered considerable cost savings and they performed the upgrade of 26 applications within a two month record time.

Meet with PITSS to transform your government systems.